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Find Personality & Compatibility of Numerology Number 1

Numerology which we call “अंकशास्त्र” in the Hindi language. The composition of each of our numbers has some meaning. After all, what is numerology?

Numerology tells a lot about someone’s personality, career, the choices they are likely to make, and more such things.

Today we will learn about the behavior, nature, personality, and marriage of the number 1 people.

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The people, who are born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, or 28th of any month, are associated with numerology number 1.  Perhaps you are wondering how 10, 19, and 28 of any month can fall into the category of number one.



I think you must have understood by looking at these calculations, which comes in number 1.

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Numerology Number 1 Personality

Sun affects the person with number 1. Leadership quality occurs in a person born on 1, 10, 19, and 28 of any month. They are very good decision-makers.

But they have a bad thing that they do not like to take others’ opinions when making decisions. They are stiff outside and very soft at heart. Because of this, they help people a lot.

Number 1 people like to see people happy, but their bad tone does not let their good personality come to the fore. People born on date of month number 1 people are very helpful in nature. They want to rule on everyone because their owner is the sun.

If the Sun’s effect on these people is negative then they will have to face many failures in life. It is often seen that these people fall into the company of the wrong people.

Because numerology 1 likes to rule, they should try their hand in the field of administration jobs, politics, business, and writing.

Lucky color: Golden, Orange, and Yellow

Lucky Day: Sunday is the lucky color for number 1. Because number 1 has a great effect of Surya or Sun+day (that means this day has the impact of the sun). So if a number 1 person wants to start some good work on this day then they can.

Lucky number: 1, 10, 19, 28

Numerology Number 1 Marriage

Because of the dominating and often overwhelming nature of the numerology number 1 people, they make difficult life partners. So they need someone who can see the softness underneath their often harsh personality.

Compatibility of Number 1 with Number 1

The owner of number 1 in numerology is Sun. So, they are very bossy. Both have the same nature. So, they cannot adjust to each other. They can be good business partners but not good life partners.

Compatibility of Number 1 with Number 2

Because number 2 is related to the moon and their nature is very quiet. So number 2 live happily with number 1. They face trouble in their relationship when number 1 stops giving respect to number 2.

Numerology Number 1 and Number 3 Compatibility

Number 3 has a great effect on Guru. Number 1 is affected by Sun. So the Guru always guides the king giving directions as to what is right and what is wrong. So number 3 and number 1 is a good combination.

Compatibility of Number 1 with Number 4

Number 1 numerology is affected by Sun and Number 4 is affected by Rahu.  Because the sun has the qualities of a king, he does all the good things for everyone. Somewhere Rahu also behaves like a king. The difference is that Rahu has to do the work said by the king, By Hook, or By Crook.

Compatibility of Number 1 with Number 5

Life paths number 1 and number 5 can be good friends, they enjoy life a lot together, but according to the view of marriage, it is not a good match.

Compatibility of Number 1 with Number 6

They are very good co-workers. If they met with each other their relationship life is full of excitement. But According to marriage, they are not compatible with each other.

Compatibility of Number 1 with Number 7

From a marriage or business perspective, number 1 and number 7 are not good for each other. Number 7 is a very fun-loving person. They do not want to listen to others. They always want happiness.

Numerology Number 1 and Number 8 Compatibility

Number 1 in numerology and number 8 can never be friends. Number 1 is owned by Sun and Number 8 is owned by Shani Dev. Shani Dev and Sun never is Friends. So, it is advised to both numbers stay away from each other.

Numerology Number 1 and Number 9 Compatibility

Because number 9 is related to Fire and number 1 is related to Sun. Both have the same qualities. So, their marriage life is good.

I hope you like this article. This article is an analysis-based article.

The number 3 and number 5 people make the best life partners for the number 1 people. Because the number 5 has a great love for adventure and danger.  Also, the number 3 people are humorous and joyful, so they sometimes ignore and often understand the number 1 people, more than anyone else.

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