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The Secret Behind Mosquito Bites

As the summer begins, We all start feeling upset. There is more trouble from the mosquitoes than the summer season.

At dusk, a group of mosquitoes starts hovering over the head. At home, then they create sound around the ear or bite us.

All of us have been dealing with mosquitoes for a long time. Either mosquito bites us or circling are head and making that buzzing sound to bother us.

But why do mosquitoes bother us so much? Do they do this on purpose? Let us find out.

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You must have witnessed that whenever you go outdoors, like a park or a garden, a group of mosquitoes starts circling over your head. But notice that this happens during the evening.

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Now, why do mosquitoes do that?

When you have a long day, you start to sweat. The scalp produces certain chemicals and sweat that combine to create a strange smell. This smell attracts mosquitoes.

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But the important thing to be noted here is that the mosquitoes that buzz around you and bother you are all female mosquitoes.

FACT 1: Female mosquitoes are more active than male mosquitoes. It is a female mosquito that attacks us and sucks our blood. There is a reason behind this too. Female mosquitoes need human blood for the development of fertile eggs.

FACT 2: Mosquito bites are more frequent in people with blood type O than people having other blood types.

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FACT 3: The human skin gives birth to certain bacteria that often attract mosquitoes and they feed on them.

FACT 4: Mosquitoes have a powerful sense of smell and can detect carbon dioxide and smell produced by a human from about 115 feet away.

FACT 5: Genetics plays an important role in determining whether a person is likely to be bitten by a mosquito or not because some people’s skin produces chemicals that act like natural mosquito repellents.


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