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Ways to Prevent a Water Heater Problem at Home

We use our water heaters constantly, every day. So if it isn’t working all the time, smoothly, it is an inconvenience to everyone. And it becomes even more essential during the cold days and nights of winter. So, it is crucial to look after it well and avoid any problems.

However, once the problems have already occurred in the machine, the best option is to hire a repair service to fix it. A water heater repair service is affordable and can instantly get your heater running again. Reputable repair organizations use modern technical equipment and employ skilled professionals with years of experience.  

How to Prevent a Malfunction?

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There are specific ways to prevent your water heater from causing problems. Maintenance is the key to preventing any machine from malfunctioning; the same is true for a water heater. It can last very long if people use it well and don’t mishandle it. Here are some ways to prevent inconvenience.

Ways to Maintain

Below, I am discussing some ways to prevent or maintain water heaters,

● Remember to Empty the Tank

It would help if you made it a yearly habit to empty your water heater’s tank and drain it completely. As you use the machine daily, it is natural for waste material to accumulate from the liquid and sit at the bottom of the tank. If you don’t drain the tank and get rid of the slowly accumulating waste, it starts to form a covering at the bottom. This new surface then isolates the burner inside from the water. 

This forces the burner to run for a more extended period and at a higher temperature than usually recommended. Naturally, this excess heat starts to damage the tank from the inside. When the damage reaches a certain point, it creates problems like leakage and cracks. You may hear a popping noise inside the tank if your water heater has such a problem. You should immediately call for water heater repair services. 

● Examine the Anode Rod

Like most appliances, these heaters are made of metal. Therefore, it is only natural for them to rust over time and develop leakages, especially when their location is full of moisture. Therefore, most warmers have an anode rod built inside to avoid rusting. This rod is about 3-4 inches long and provides an extra layer of protection against rust. 

You should regularly keep a check on the condition of the anode rod. If you notice that the rod has developed any layer of rust on itself, it means that your tank is next. Therefore, you immediately need to replace the rod with a new one. Usually, an anode rod has a lifespan of about three years before they start eroding.

● Don’t Let the Heater Overheat

Often, users set the thermostat at an unadvised temperature. This puts the heater under immense pressure and results in leakages and bursts. Technicians have noticed that the thermostat was set at around 145 degrees F in most of these unfortunate cases. 

Set the thermostat at around 120 or 125 degrees F to avoid putting this much pressure on your heater. You must find the best temperature to avoid damaging the tank while enjoying perfectly heated water.  


This explains why maintaining and regularly checking your water heater is crucial in extending its lifespan. Follow these ways if you want to avoid any problems with your water heater. One must consult a renowned repair service provider when the situation is out of hand.

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