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Is Jowar Good For Weight Loss?

I am a fitness trainer and housemaker. Often, people come to me to lose weight. This Jowar is the best grain if you want to lose weight. This article is based on my experience. If you have any health issues. I suggest consulting your doctor.

Sorghum is a grain or cereal crop. In the Hindi Language or in India, it is also known as Jowar. Its scientific name is Sorghum Bicolor. Jowar or Sorghum is very beneficial for health. It is very helpful in weight loss, diabetes, controls blood pressure, good for anemia patients, and also good for Digestion.

Jowar is highly rich in fiber, protein, phosphorus, zinc, calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, potassium, vitamin B, and vitamin E. Also, it has antioxidant properties. If you include it in your diet, it not only regulates your blood pressure, and diabetes but also helpful in weight loss.

This article will tell you the benefits of Jowar in weight loss and how to consume it in your diet. Also, explain to you some other health benefits.

Is Jowar Good for Weight Loss?

A lot of people suffering from obesity in the world today. The reasons for obesity are many – lack of exercise, too much stress, genetics, unhealthy eating habits, other diseases, etc. But there are many solutions also. You will find a lot of articles titled “How to lose weight” on the internet. But not all of them work, and most of them are dangerous since they include the intake of drugs and artificial hormones. So what can you do?

Well, include Jowar in your diet. Jowar is a good source of proteins and fiber and has healthy carbohydrates at appropriate levels to keep the body from gaining more weight. Also, Jowar maintains the caloric activity of the body and keeps it on the lower side to prevent the accumulation of fat in the body.

Whenever we want to reduce our weight, most of the time we eat less food. Due to this, lack of good nutritional elements in our body, as a result of problems like lack of blood, hormonal imbalance, hair loss arises. In such a situation, it is important that you include some such things in your diet, which are low in calories, high in protein and fiber, and at the same time can keep you full for a long time.

There is one such whole grain, and that is jowar. If you include it in your diet, not only will it keep your stomach full for the whole day but it also provides many nutrients like potassium, iron, magnesium, etc.

If you are struggling, how to include Sorghum in your diet, then you should make, Jowar flour. You can make Rotis, idlis, Uttapam, Cheelas using Jowar flour. Also, you can eat boil jowar like rice.

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Some Other Benefits of Jowar

Jowar has some important nutrients that you need to have in your diet. Instead of intaking your usual Maida, you should start having more Jowar in your diet.  So it’s high time that you replace Maida with Jowar in your diet. Here are a few health benefits of consuming Jowar,

1. Jowar Benefits for Diabetes

Jowar plays a huge role and is very useful in keeping diabetes in control or even treating it. The pancreas produces insulin in our body. Insulin helps the cells to get just the right amount of glucose from the food we consume to be used for generating energy.

Sometimes, the body starts using insulin abnormally or stops producing insulin altogether. This leads to abnormal sugar/ glucose levels in the body, causing the condition known as diabetes.

Diabetes can result in various severe health complications; that is why it is essential to treat it and keep it in control.

To control diabetes, the blood sugar level needs to be controlled, and to do that, including Jowar in your diet might be an excellent idea. Jowar helps our body by increasing insulin resistance. So diabetic patients can keep their blood sugar levels in control by consuming Jowar.

A study has shown that the inclusion of Jowar in your diet keeps the insulin level maintained in your body because it contains complex carbohydrates, which are slowly digested in the body, due to which the sugar level does not increase suddenly.

2. Jowar Benefits For Skin

If you apply jowar on your face as a face pack, then it protects your skin from cancer. Because after using it, the production of melanoma cells in the skin decreases.

3. Uses of Jowar in Heart Disease

Heart problems are really common these days. Complications related to the heart start to occur due to the accumulation of bad cholesterol levels. Heart problems also occur due to the damage caused to the heart by free radicals (oxidative stress). This is where Jowar steps in.

Its antioxidant properties and potassium reduce oxidative stress. So including Jowar in your diet can be a big help to you if you’re suffering from heart issues. And even if you’re not facing any complications yet, it is still advised to include Jowar in your diet to prevent any such thing as heart attacks, heart complications, etc. from happening in the future.

4. Uses of Jowar in Cancer Disease

Cancer is a terrifying word. Cancer is caused by the growth of cancer cells in the body. These cells are the ones that are not required since they are damaged, or do not share the same structure as the other cells.

Cancer can be due to a lot of factors like smoking, chewing tobacco, exposure to pollution, intake of certain types of food, etc. The risk of you ever having to suffer from cancer can be lowered/ minimized by the inclusion of Jowar in your diet.

We already know that Jowar is rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants (uses of jowar) help in keeping the cells healthy. If there are any cancerous cells in the body, Jowar helps in killing them to keep the body from acquiring cancer. So it is high time that you start, including Jowar, in your diet.

5. Is Jowar Good for Bones?

Jowar is highly rich in calcium and magnesium. Magnesium increases the absorption of calcium. It prevents osteoporosis and arthritis disease.

6. Benefits of Jowar for Anemia

If you are anemic, then you should start taking Jowar or Sorghum. It is high in iron, which produces red blood cells.

Side Effects of Jowar

Jowar does not have any specific side effects. You may get allergic due to excessive consumption of jowar. Also, Jowar has no side effects. 

Carbohydrates are lower in sorghum than wheat. That is why it works very well in weight loss, obesity, diabetes, etc.

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