Top 7 Acupressure Point For Back Pain

Nowadays, People are very busy. There is so much work to do, that people barely get time for anything else. Everyone is all about WORK WORK WORK! It’s hard for working-class people to take out time for important things like exercising, resting, doing fun activities, traveling, etc. From their busy and hectic schedules. This often leads to various problems. Bodily pain is one of those problems.

Lack of exercise and rest is one of the primary reasons for these problems to occur. How to get rid of back pain with the help of an acupressure point for back pain before that It is important to know what are the reasons for back pain.

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Causes of Back Pain

Back pain happens when there is some problem with the way your discs, joints, and muscles hold themselves together and move. This causes a lot of pain, and you are almost rendered immobile because there is so much pain that you can barely even move. Some common causes of back pain are listed below:

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Bad Posture

The way you walk, talk, stand, and sit says a lot about your personality and also your health. A bad posture makes you look unfit, and it also makes you unfit. You have always heard these things – “Walk Straight!” “Sit straight!”, etc. But a lot of people still don’t apply these things in their daily life. A bad posture can lead to immense back pain, and also permanent back problems can be caused. But, acupressure points for back pain can rid off you of this issue.

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Not Resting

Too much work is not good for you and your body. After a few hours or so, our body needs some rest. Continuous work can lead to a tired body, causing pain in many parts of the body like our back. So it is important to take a break of 5 minutes every hour.

Lack Of Exercise 

Are you lazy? Are you a workaholic? Well, both of these things can be equally bad for you. You have to take out some time to exercise and do Yoga. Some things should be a part of your routine to help you and your body in the long run. A lack of exercise leads to several problems like Back Pain, Obesity, diabetes, etc.

Sleeping Too Much 

Oversleeping is also a major cause of back pain. Oversleeping is itself a big problem and can be caused by taking sleeping pills, working too much, alcohol and other drugs, etc. When you’re sleeping, you are in the same posture so many hours, so naturally, your back hurts when you get up.

Other Problems

Back pain is often caused by other severe medical conditions like Spinal Stenosis, Cervical Radiculopathy, Slipped Disk, etc. Acupressure point for back pain helps you to get rid off of Pain.

So What’s The Solution?

If you’re suffering from any kind of problem, you can always go to your doctor. But this can be tiring too, no? So is there a solution where you can take care of things like body pain all by yourself? Oh Yes, there is. It is known as – Acupressure.

According to the ancient Chinese, various point on our body are connected to several other parts of our body. The stimulation of these points by proper technique causes the parts connected to restore their energy to a balanced level. A more understandable explanation would be that pain is often caused by inflammation of muscles, and through Acupressure, those muscles can be restored to their original state, you will get relief.

Acupressure Point For Back Pain

Using Acupressure to heal back pain will require some knowledge of various Acupressure points connected to the back. The best Acupressure point for back pain is here,

Points on the lower back

There are some points along your spine that can help alleviate your back pain. These Acupressure points are located at the side of the end, a few inches above the hip bones (a few inches laterally to the 3rd Lumbar Spinal Vertebrae).

acupressure point for back pain

Stimulation of these points can be beneficial in relieving severe back pain and pinched muscles. To stimulate these points, you can – press these points from your thumb for a few minutes or so, or you can lay on your back and use a tennis ball to roll it on this area.

Acupressure Point For Back Pain  on the Buttocks

The fleshy part of the buttocks also contains some Acupressure points. These points lie below the dimples of the butt muscles. To stimulate these points, press down in the flesh towards the center of the buttock, and hold it like that for a couple of minutes.

Points On The Hand

There is an acupressure point for back pain on your hand too. Just on the webbing between your index finger and thumb, you’ll find an Acupressure Point (as shown in the figure), the stimulation of which releases Endorphins and Serotonin, which causes pain relief.

acupressure point for back pain

Don’t press the point for more than a few seconds, then repeat the exercise several times to get relief.

Points On The Hips

Just right on the dimples near your butt muscles, which is a few inches lateral to the sacrum, you’ll find another acupressure point for back pain, the stimulation of which will help you in relieving Back Ache.

acupressure point for back pain

Just hold down that point with your thumb for a few minutes to get the results. Here also, you can use a tennis ball to stimulate the points.

Points Around The Elbow

A few inches above your wrist and 2-3 inches below the elbow lies another Acupressure point for back pain. Just hold it (yellow marked point) down with your thumb for about 30 seconds.

acupressure point for back pain

Then repeat the exercise several times to get relief. You can stimulate points on both your hand and your elbow.

Acupressure Point for Back Pain On The Legs

A few inches laterally below the big toe, you will find another Acupressure point (on the top of the foot). Just lie down comfortably and hold it with your thumb for about 30 seconds.

acupressure point on foot

Just opposite the point mentioned above, you will find another point on the bottom side of the foot. After you stimulate the point on the top, stimulate this one too for about 30 seconds.

point at feet

Then take some rest for a while and repeat the exercise.

Acupressure Point For Back Pain Behind The Knees

Just like the points near the elbow, there are some acupressure points for back pain behind the knees too. These points are situated a few inches lateral to the calf muscles, directly below the center of the knee joint. Hold down the point with your thumb for about one minute, and then take a break of 30 seconds.  Again stimulate the points on both your legs.

A Few Things To Note

  1. Always sit in a comfortable position and be relaxed while performing exercises related to Acupressure.
  2. If you are having trouble stimulating the points by yourself, you can ask someone else to do it for you.
  3. Remember to take a break before performing the exercise on the same points again. Pressing down an Acupressure point for too long is not advised as it can lead to things like passing out.
  4. Do not press too hard, or you can get those areas bruised. In the case of bruising, put some ice in a towel and apply it to the damaged area.

So from now on, if you have pain anywhere on your back, relax. These Top 7 Acupressure Points For Back Pain can rid of your pain.

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