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Do’s and Don’ts of Working with Personal Training Clients

There is a world of opportunities for those trying to make a career as a fitness coach or instructor. The world seems to be shifting in a new fitness and health-conscious direction. 

The pandemic in 2019 has proved to people that health is the biggest treasure. Anyone can possess money, but many people cannot receive the needed help. 

I am sharing my personal experience with you, and how some apps can change my life at home. How, does it make me physically fit?

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Investing in health is one of the principles the trainers need to communicate to their clients. Using the best personal trainer app makes it easy for trainers and coaches to connect with their clients inside or outside the gyms and conduct workout sessions in a much more organized and effective way. 

Many technological developments in this sphere help those in the fitness line to communicate and connect with their clients efficiently. 

If you are new in this field, it’s very important for you to proceed further. You need to understand, What is Personal Training and How it Helps you. Let’s begin,

What is Personal Training?

If you are in the sports, fitness, and health industry, personal training is very important for these people. In all these three areas, the clients and trainers work closely, in a mutually exclusive manner, so that they can get benefit from each other. 

Apart from knowledge transfer and personalized skill development, it also helps trainers establish a unique and personal relationship with their trainees and clients. In most cases, the PT Sessions between the trainer and the clients happen at the gym or any fitness coaching center. 

How does Covid Change the Life of Health trainers and their trainees?

But during the COVID period, the entire gym industry plunged as it was deemed unhealthy because of the virus’s spread. This is when technology and IT capitalized on the situation and brought in many types of best personal trainer apps. This simple software solution can be installed on phones and desktops to connect with trainers online and work with them at the convenience of home. 

Trainers can easily impart their training sessions using videos and workout charts that can be assigned dynamically using visual and audio aids. 

The trainers can also conduct live workout sessions, chat with their clients in the app, and schedule group and personalized workouts on a calendar for people to participate online. 

Videos and workout charts can be uploaded on apps that can be accessed by clients anywhere, making it easier for them to work out from wherever they are. This improved the overall turnout for clients and made the job of the PT Coaches and instructors easy. 

Do’s and Don’ts in Personal Training

As a trainer, one must know what can be done and what must be avoided at any cost to retain their clients. Below are a few do’s and don’ts for PT Coaches to follow:

(1) Personal space

Respect the client’s personal space, even if it’s an online coaching session. Don’t push the clients into uncomfortable situations.

(2) Time 

Respect clients’ time with a trainer, as this is a conscious choice. Don’t be late for sessions and take them for granted. 

(3) Value add

Add value to the classes by involving visual and audio aids and switching up the routine. Do not make the sessions repetitive and boring, making clients look for alternatives. 

(4) Engaging

Try to actively engage with your clients personally and professionally so they can trust and rely on you as their trainer. But do not exceed professional boundaries. 


I hope this article will help you, with what you should do or what not to do to become a Personal trainer or Health Coach. If you need any other help regarding it, you can email me at [email protected].

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