Top 8 Acupressure Point For Eyes

Among all the precious gifts we have received from God are our eyes. The world is amazing and is full of beautiful things, and we need eyes to see them. But we often forget just how important our eyes are and neglect them.

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We expose our eyes to things like the harmful rays coming from the sun or dirt when we’re traveling. So, We tend to take the least care of our eyes in comparison to our other body parts.

We also eat junk and don’t keep our diet balanced. All these factors accumulate, and this leads to numerous problems and diseases like Blurred Vision, aching eyes, watery eyes are some of the most common eye-related problems that most people suffer from. Some other severe eye conditions are – Hypermetropia (long-sightedness), Myopia (Short-sightedness), cataract, color blindness, night blindness, astigmatism, etc. These problems can be harmful in the long run if not treated on time. If you don’t want to go to the doctor, here is the list of some acupressure points for the eyes, which will help you to get rid of this issue.

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Causes of Eye Problems

Eye-related problems can occur due to a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons might be genetic, something we have no control on. But most of the time, these problems occur due to our carelessness. The most common factors that contribute to the occurrence of these problems are listed below.

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1. Spending too much time in front of the TV/PC

This is pretty obvious. In the modern-day world, television and computers have become a major part of our lives. People have their eyes glued to the TV screens for hours at a time. TV screens expose our eyes to LED light. This light accelerates the aging of the retinal tissues. This causes the eye muscles to strain and cause further problems like Hypermetropia, aching eyes, etc.

2. Spending too much time on Smart Phones

Another strong contributor to eye-related problems is Smart Phone. Smartphones expose our eyes to blue light (the same LED light that originates from our TV screens) that contributes to the growth of poisonous molecules in our eyes. New researches are being conducted every day, which shows just how harmful Smart Phones can be to the eyes.

3. Unbalanced Diet

Another strong reason for bad eyesight and other eye-related problems is an unbalanced diet. Our diet should include all nutrients like Vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, etc. But in today’s world, people are too dependent on packed food and junk. Junk food causes problems like obesity, which ultimately contributes to bad eyesight in one way or the other.

4. Not giving proper rest to the eyes

People are so busy nowadays that they barely even sleep. The human body requires at least 7 hours of sleep every day. Also, the human eyes require rest after every 40 minutes of work. But people tend to ignore these things because of their excessively busy schedules and create problems for themselves.

5. Bad habits like rubbing your eyes

If you’re one of the people who rub their eyes too frequently, you’re likely to encounter various eye problems. Rubbing your eyes too frequently irritates the eyes and leads to common problems like watery eyes and blurred vision, which can later develop into severe problems.

6. Not being hydrated

As basic as it may sound, people still tend to ignore the fact that hydration is really important, not just for the eyes, but for the whole body. Drinking less water causes too many-body problems, and some of them are related to the eyes. Lack of water intake leads to dry eyes, which causes irritation and itching. This lack of lubrication of the eyes creates further problems like Blurred Vision, headaches, and aching eyes. If you are not used to drinking water and you do not care when to drink water, then you should install some water reminder apps on your phone.

Eye Related Problems

Some Eye problems are,

Blurred Vision

When someone is suffering from blurred vision, he/she won’t be able to see anything clearly from a certain distance. Blurred vision is generally a temporary problem but can lead to severe problems like Hypermetropia and Myopia if not treated on time. You can improve your blurred vision using an acupressure point for the eyes.

Watery eyes

Your eyes are precious, and like other body parts, they require proper care and hygiene. People often tend not to wash their eyes after they’ve been outside their homes or workplaces. Exposing our eyes to too much sunlight and dirt can create problems like watery eyes. If you wash your eyes properly with water then you can get rid off from this problem.


Hypermetropia, also known as long-sightedness, is a very common problem found in people. In people suffering from Hypermetropia, the images of nearby objects are formed behind the retina; this means that these objects won’t be visible clearly and will be blurry. People suffering from Hypermetropia have to wear glasses or contact lenses to see nearby objects.


Myopia is also known as short-sightedness and is also really common. People suffering from Myopia cannot see faraway objects clearly because the light coming from the objects bends incorrectly to form images in front of the retina. People suffering from Myopia also often have to wear glasses or contact lenses to treat the problem. Acupressure points for eyes will help you get relief from this disease.


A cataract is a condition in which the eye lens starts becoming cloudy, causing the vision to decrease slowly. The symptoms of a cataract are blurred or double vision, faded colors, having trouble with bright lights, or decreased vision during the night. This problem is due to too much stress, trauma, exposure to radiation, or sometimes happens due to aging.

Colour Blindness

Colour Blindness is a condition, in which retinal light-sensitive cells do not respond properly People suffering from color blindness have difficulty seeing colors like red, blue, green, and mixtures of these. The most common type of color blindness is red-green color-blindness.


This is a condition that causes blurred vision and occurs due to disturbance in the curvature of the eye lens, or due to the irregular shape of the cornea. Astigmatism can also lead to severe problems if not treated on time.

So What’s The Solution? 

A lot of surgeries, methods, and therapies have come up in the past 100 years to solve problems related to the eyes. Most eye-related problems are treatable, in some way or the other. A lot of people suffering from vision problems. But there is one way that has discovered thousands of years ago, before the invention of any surgery of glasses. This therapy is known as acupressure. Here we discuss some acupressure points for eyes that will help you.

Top 8 Acupressure Point For Eyes

Our nerves connect our body parts. Our eyes, as said by the Ancient Chinese, are connected to various body parts such as the Liver, toes, and neck. There are various acupressure points for eyes available on various body parts. You can stimulate these points to treat eye-related problems. The best acupressure points for eyes are,

The Zan-Zhu Acupressure Point For Eyes

acupressure point for eyes

The Zan-Zhu points are two symmetrical points located on the middle line of the eyebrows, near the lips, and on the cheeks. These points have to properly massaged and stimulated for about a minute to relieve eye problems like aching eyes, headaches, watery eyes, and other allergic problems. Gently press the red point on your face mention in the picture.

Si Zhu Kong Point 

acupressure point for eyes

The direct translation of Si Zhu Kong is ‘Silk Bamboo Hole.’ This is another Acupressure point for eyes located on the face, at the depression of the lateral end of the eyebrow. Massaging this point will give massive relief to straining and tired eyes, and will also relieve migraine and headaches.

Cheng Qi Point

Acupressure point for eyes

The direct translation of Cheng Qi is ‘Tear Container.’ Gently massage this acupressure point for eyes located just below the eye, on the line of the pupil. The stimulation and massage of this point are very beneficial for the eyes as it stops lacrimation and clears heat. It also treats strained eyes and gives relief.

Yang Bai Acupressure Point For Eyes

Acupressure point for eyes

The location of this point is on the left half of the forehead, just above the left eye. Massaging this point gives relief in cases of headache and migraine, and solves the problem of eye twitching.


nostrils point

The side of your nostrils is an Acupressure point for the eyes. You have to put your finger on either side of the nostril and gently massage it to solve problems like blurred vision, sinus, headaches, and migraine.

The Third Eye Point

acupressure point for eyes

One of the Acupressure points for eyes is located just between the eyes, at the T junction of the nose. Place one of your fingers right on the bridge of the nose, between both the eyebrows and gently massage it. This exercise will give immense relief in case of headaches, aching eyes and migraines, and other nasal problems like nasal congestion.

On The Hand

There is an acupressure point for eyes on your hands too. Stimulate or massaged your thumb. The thumb has to be held between the index finger and the thumb of the other hand and then pressed gently. You need to repeat this simple exercise every day for a few minutes to help in strengthening the eyesight. Just alternatively massage both the thumbs during the exercise.

On Foot

point on feet

Just like the hands, the feet also contain a lot of Acupressure points. The Acupressure point for the eyes is located on the tips of your big toe. Hold the tip of your big toe between your index finger and your thumb, and gently massage it. Alternatively, switch between toes of both your feet while doing this exercise. Do this exercise for a few minutes every day to get good eyesight.

How to Care of Your Eyes?

Apart from acupressure point for eyes, there are some other small things you can do to take care of your eyes are,

Washing Eyes

Use clean water when washing your eyes, if possible, use filtered water only.

Touch or clean your eyes after washing your hands.

Don’t rub the towel too hard on your eyes, or else it may irritate you.

Don’t use soap in your eyes.

Taking Small Breaks in Between Work

Just like other body parts, eyes need to rest too. Continuous work gives too much stress to the eye muscles. Always take a 5-minute break in every 50-60 minutes or so.

Close your eyes, rub your palm together, and keep it on your eyes. Also, gently massage on acupressure point for eyes, it gives you relief.

Stay Hydrated

Drink lots of water. Hydration is really important to prevent your eyes from becoming too dry.

Keep Your Diet Balanced And Exercise Regularly

You need to intake proper nutrients and give your body a little exercise to stay healthy. If you feel fit, so will your eyes.

How To Perform Acupressure Exercises?

To perform these exercises,

  1. Locate the acupressure point for the eyes you want to massage.
  2. Gently put pressure on that point and stimulate it. This massage should last for not more than a few minutes, although there is no limit on the number of times you want to perform this exercise in a day.
  3. The acupressure massages shouldn’t last more than a few minutes because problems like unconsciousness and bruising may arise.


It requires nothing more than a mere massage, and you can do it all by yourself.  Oh! The most important point – It is 100% safe. So take a chill pill, you won’t face any side effects if you follow this acupressure point for the eyes.

Less touch your eyes.

Do not use any kind of medicine in the eyes without a doctor’s advice.

Using these points will give you instant relief. But it will take time for your illness to recover. But I am sure, these points can remove diseases related to your eyes.

Acupressure points for Eyes will not cure cataracts or any kind of eye injury. For this, you should immediately go to the eye doctor.

So the next time you’re having trouble with your vision, or you’re witnessing problems like headache, migraine, and aching eyes, you will know what to do. Adios!


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