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5 Unorthodox Ways God talks to Humans

Have you ever prayed to God and pleaded for his assistance, expecting a response from Him but not receiving one?

You’re sunk into problems and you’re desperate for the advice that only he can get.
There are moments when you can’t rely on your intuition alone. It’s important to know exactly what God wants you to do.

Only then you’ll be able to take the right decision at the right time that will save you and your beloved.

You’re surrounded by the itch of depression and anxiety, and all you want to do is follow God’s advice in a tough situation.

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However, the answer you’re looking for never seems to come.

This is the time when you must learn to trust God and place your faith in Him.

Surely, God is the best knower and hearer of everything.

Here are several thoughts that may help you hear more clearly from the Lord, even though

He isn’t speaking directly to you.

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Divine Visions and Dreams are Manifestations of God

It is said that when you concentrate too hard on something, you see a lot of similar things in your surroundings, particularly in your dreams.

The Bible says,

“And then I will spill out my Spirit on all bodies, and your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will have nightmares, and your young men will have visions.”

Your divine dreams may have scriptural significance because God consciously communicates to you through them.

Your dreams are generated by your subconscious minds. As it passes into the self-defense process, ideas about the weaknesses and strengths are collected.

If you had a holy experience, it will almost certainly contain God’s message.

Try to remember your jumbled imaginations and how God might have given you insight into whatever circumstance you might be in.

Determine whether or not the person with whom you were conversing in your dream is the voice of God.

If you noticed that, you are God’s best friend.

Your dream may be full of supernatural signals and movements that make it difficult to digest or comprehend its meaning.

Although, no one can deal with the Lord’s celestial forces.

If you are the most deserving being of Heaven, you will get divine advice to your problems even if you are unaware of them.

The Guidance of the God in Angel Numbers

God sent angels to complete tasks and lead God’s favorite human.

Your divine angels will guide you by numbers according to God’s instructions.

These are Angel numbers, and they hold divine signs that will lead you in all aspects of your life.

For example, if you see the angel number 252 on your phone or in your environment on a regular basis,

Then the angels have arrived to speak with you and share God’s secret message.

Considering, Angel number 252 indicates that you are on the right track; the angels are reminding you that God is pleased with you.

You are full of answers; what you need to do is calm down and discover.

You are the only one that has access to the key to finding solutions.

Angel number 252 is here to tell you to avoid squandering your abilities and better represent mankind in order to reconcile your intent with the divine path.

When you connect with your angel number, you are filled with love and a desire to serve others.

Angel 252 also ensures that you are unconditionally loved by God and that He is really on your side in times of trouble.

This number is here to remind you to start something you’ve been wanting to do for a long time.

Increase your knowledge to open up more opportunities for advancement in your career.

Seek a partner who shares your cause, dreams, and life purpose; only then you can make a perfect match.

Angel numbers provide evidence-based treatments shared by God Himself.

Is it a coincidence or a divine intervention?

It says;

“Coincidence is God’s method of remaining undetected.”

God is capable of handling any uncertainty or misunderstanding you might be experiencing in your life, especially in your work, families, or relationships.

He is a master strategist, the best of them all, capable of surprising you with unpredictable events.

Have you ever met someone whose support and advice totally transforms your life at your most challenging times?

Or, in your darkest hour, you received a sizable inheritance from your late grandfather’s will?

Or you’re walking down the street and you come across something you really want in order to solve your problems; it might be money, a key, a ticket, or something else.

Many would dismiss these events as coincidences, but they are divine miracles that you requested in your prayers.

Animals Interpret God’s Word

You may see various types of animals on the way home, on a vacation, or if you have a pet, you may see it in your home as well.

Animals are one of God’s most beautiful creations. Animals may also be a way for God to communicate with you.

Many animals are described in the Bible, and the well-known tale of Balam’s donkey is an example of animals conveying God’s word.

Humans are unable to see various items that are clearly visible to animals.

Have you ever seen a herd of oxen circling around their young to shield them from predators?

This entire scene portrays how angels form a circle around you as you ask God for assistance.

It’s popular to aim a red laser light at your cat, which it tries but fails to catch.
What if you see the holy creatures’ light but you’re unable to capture it as well?

The moral of the story is that you should not deceive God’s existence.

Making a fool of someone for the sake of amusement may lead to someone’s death.

Animals carry numerous sacred signs in their acts and attitudes that must be discovered in order to understand God’s word.

Signs From Heaven

God’s divine abilities and miracles are served by signs.

It’s just a way for God to communicate with his faithful people.

You will undoubtedly be blessed if you ask God for a sign to determine his will.

If you’re jogging in the woods and you come across a trunk with a divine note etched on it, which may be the missing piece of your puzzled mind.

As the wind blows, a white feather sticks to your forehead, which is a holy indication that God is watching you.

You will even see various colored light sparks, indicating that the angels are ready to assist you.

Stay focused on your goal, and the heavenly forces will see it through.


It is said that God only communicates with angels.

God communicates only through the holy books entrusted to mankind.

However, a false belief is surrounded by numerous skeptics and frustrated believers.

True believers who have faith in God and are patient would bear fruit.

Continue to pray to God for assistance; the more you pray, the more your God listens.

Confess your hidden guilt and ask for salvation from the Lord; beyond a doubt, God is the greatest knower.

Remove all impediments that stand between you and your lord.

Reflect on the various gestures, animals, and numbers to rediscover God’s secret message that will help you achieve success in life.

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