Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Our Lives?

I am pretty sure you all know what Artificial Intelligence is. The term AI is one of the most popular terms in the field of technology in today’s world. If you want to get an in-depth overview of Artificial Intelligence, refer to this article.

Have you ever thought about what the future might look like? What comes to your mind when you try to imagine the world fifty years from now? Flying cars? Commercial Space Travel? The possibilities are endless.


But do you know what is that one thing that will change everything and bring about a technological revolution? It is Artificial Intelligence. The revolution has already begun. Friendly robots, automated cars, and automated devices. All these things have already started to conquer the market.

In this article, we will see how will Artificial Intelligence change the future.

Is Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Our Lives?

To say that Artificial Intelligence is important would be an understatement. Artificial Intelligence or AI has made our lives so much easier, that it has become almost impossible for us to live in a world without it.

To understand just how important Artificial Intelligence is in today’s world, we will look at some of its everyday applications.

With massive computing powers, AI systems can achieve things far beyond human capabilities. Artificial Intelligence has made online shopping, self-driving cars, digital navigation, video games, etc. possible.

So, you want to visit your friend who lives in another city and you haven’t been to his house before? No worries. Just take out your smartphone, open Google Maps, search for his location, and BOOM! Google’s AI will guide you through the traffic and make you reach your destination without any trouble. I bet you all have used Maps before.

Do you own a Smartphone? Hah, I know you do. In today’s world, everybody owns a smartphone. It has become extremely affordable. You can get an android phone for Rs. 3000. Now, a lot of good smartphones have a feature known as ‘Face Recognition.’ Sounds familiar? I bet it does. The Face Recognition feature provides you with a secure smartphone experience since the phone can be unlocked only when the Face Recognition AI will scan your face and confirm your identity. Cool enough?

Online Shopping has become prominent in recent years. After the Covid-19 pandemic, everyone was locked in their homes. Due to this, the world saw a rise in Online Shopping like never before. How is this possible? Because of AI. When you visit an online shopping website, you get recommendations that make it easier for you to browse the things you need and provide a smooth shopping experience. Recommendations are based on your interests and previous purchases. So the AI learns what you like and what you do not like, and provides recommendations accordingly.

So, that was some pretty cool stuff, eh? Now you probably know how important Artificial Intelligence is. But, do you understand the scale of its impact on the future? Read on to know more.

Artificial Intelligence Impact on Humans

To analyze how something will affect the future, we first need to understand how it affects our present.

Artificial Intelligence has proved to be effective especially when it comes to corporates and jobs that are either repetitive or extremely dangerous. What AI does is replaces humans in jobs like these and provide a smooth and refined experience.

A lot of industrial equipment and machines have become automated. So the tasks which were dangerous for humans to perform are now done by machines, and in the process, prevent a lot of accidents.

A few years ago, people had to manually create databases at workplaces and had to update them regularly. And the amount of data was huge, so it was tough and time-consuming, and also, BORING! But now, most of this work is done by AI. Hence, it creates a healthy environment for the employees since their time is not wasted and all the repetitive tasks are being done by the computer itself.

Artificial Intelligence has brought a revolution in the field of Banking and Shopping. Everything can be done with a click, literally. You’re in a restaurant, the waiter arrives with the bill and you realize you are short on cash, what do you do? No worries. Online banking will do the job. Applications like PayTM, PayPal, Google Pay, etc. have made payments and transactions so much easier.

AI & The Future: Future Applications of AI 

So, now that we have seen what makes Artificial Intelligence important and how has it impacted society in today’s world, let us try to find out the impact it will have on the world in the future. What are some future applications of AI? Will they be revolutionary? Let us see.

Transportation: Ever wondered what roads will look like when automated vehicles are driving on them? Well, they will be less chaotic, to say the least. AI will completely change the transportation industry. People who don’t know how to drive will still be able to go anywhere they want in their vehicles using AI. AI will also improve the traffic conditions and the roads will be safer. Safer and less chaotic transportation means increased efficiency. Hmm, sounds like a dream, right? Don’t worry. It will come to life very soon.

Education: With everything being digitized, AI will create a better and more productive educational experience for everyone, especially children. AI in the education industry will be able to study the students’ facial expressions to conclude if they are bored or not, and will change the delivery of the lecture accordingly. How cool would that be?

Communication: I bet you all have used Google Translate at some point in your lives. When you travel to a different country, it is often difficult for you to communicate with the locals because of the language barrier. But Google Translate makes your trip easier. Google Translate is still not the best. But AI-based translation tools in the future will be able to do much more than just translate. They will be able to study the expressions and the tone of the person speaking a sentence and will translate it accordingly, hence creating an amazing communication experience and removing the language barrier.

Business: Is there a future for AI in Business? Absolutely. AI will boost the economy by providing a much better experience to the users, thus, helping businesses to rise and make more money. Businesses have started to feature chatbots on their websites that make it easier for users to navigate. Businesses have also launched their AI-based mobile applications that are helpful for both employees and users. This has already happened, and things will keep improving with time. So, yes, AI will shape Business in the future.

These are some of the many ground-breaking applications of AI in the future. All in all, Artificial Intelligence is going to come as a blessing in our lives and will change the way we live positively. Wait, will it? Is it going to be a boon? Read on to know more.

Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence in the Future 

As you saw above, there are a lot of advantages to Artificial Intelligence. Let us have a quick overview of the benefits of AI:

  1. Increased Efficiency.
  2. Greater Computation Power
  3. Improved Education Experience
  4. Improved Communication Experience
  5. Increased Road Safety
  6. Improved Navigation

And many more. But is Artificial Intelligence all about advantages? Are there no risks associated with AI? Well, turns out, there are.

Unemployment: This has been the debate of the century. Will machines completely replace humans? Well, yes and no. Machines are slowly taking over the jobs that were previously done manually. This is a good thing because it will increase efficiency, but yes, it will cause some employment problems. Although, more job opportunities will be created for people to manage these machines, find errors, debug, etc., a lot of people will lose their jobs if they don’t have the required skill set.

Health Issues: Have you all watched the movie Wall-E? Remember how all the humans got fat and lazy and unhealthy because they did not have to do anything? Machines did everything for them and all they did was lay around, watch TV, sleep and eat. So, it might become true. Machines will be capable of doing virtually any task in the future. That might make humans lazy and affect their health negatively.

The challenge of making machines think like humans: This is the biggest challenge of them all. Computers will be able to do the things they will be designed for. But what about emotions and empathy? Will be they be able to take decisions emotionally instead of being mathematical all the time? This is a huge challenge that needs to be overcome.

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