How to use GIFs in your Email Campaigns?

Any email marketer’s primary goal is to engage more email readers with every email sent. An effective email is more interesting to read and can even make the readers subscribe to them. Email generally is crowded with information right from the header to the footer. 

A magical attraction is required to keep it more interesting, and the usage of GIFs from an email campaign tool will be a major head saver. GIFs can catch eyes sooner and make readers spend more time on the email. Lots of brands are using GIFs and are finding them impactful.

Understanding GIF

GIF is the abbreviation of Graphics Interchange Format. It was developed in 1987 by CompuServe. GIFs are bitmap images just like PNGs or JPGs. They create an illusion of images in motion. They are soundless, short videos or clips repeatedly played after a particular second.

GIFs can be one of the following types:

● Stickers – emojis or any illustration with a plain transparent background with repeated motion and movement becomes a GIF sticker.

● Animation – animated GIFs are created by animators and illustrators using video editing tools 

● Video-based – these are short video clips that can be from a famous movie, a famous comedy sequence, a famous action that a celebrity does, or something that’s really funny or cute.

Why are GIFs considered an important tool?

GIFs are not just funny images; they are used to express thoughts and feelings and make email more interactive. Below is a list of functionality that makes GIF an important part of any email campaign tool:

●      Gaining Reader’s Attention

An email will be full of Text and words to convey the content. This can sometimes become boring to their readers. This will lead to poor business and create a less exciting brand value. Using a GIF can be fun, colorful, and engaging. The chance of the readers spending more time is way higher when a GIF is used. More subscribers are gained, and the business automatically grows.

●      Occupies less space

It is easy for someone to imagine and understand concepts when conveyed using images or visuals rather than just words. It is quick to process the data when seen. Using GIFs, we can reduce the number of words in an email and improve the readers’ understanding faster. The complexity is reduced.

●      Alternative to Videos 

It isn’t easy to play a video in an email. The file size is large and cannot be loaded faster. By using GIFs, we can eliminate these issues and can convey the content as well in a faster manner.

●       Instant Message Conveyance

Any new product launch or explaining how the product works are very simple by using a GIF. Consider a sale alert with a timeout and exciting offers displayed on your screen as a GIF. It would be more exciting and provocative when displayed as a GIF and not just written as Text in an email which a reader might skip over

●       Build Brand Image

Most famous brands use different methods to register their brand among users. This is done to increase brand loyalty and customer loyalty. Using GIFs, Brands are now trying to promote their new products and logo. Since pictures and visuals are registered quicker in mind, they help build brand recognition.

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