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What is the Full Form of URL in Computer?

Nowadays, everyone is familiar with the internet. Today, It would not be wrong to say that everything is on the internet. Whether it is for entertainment purposes, official work, school work, etc., people visit different relevant sites on the internet all the time.

Nowadays, banking or shopping everything is happening online. Have you ever thought, how the internet works? Ever wondered, how you access or get information from a website.

What is the mechanism, and what is it that is unique for every website?

What is the URL Address?

Let’s understand this using an example.

Your friend lives in a different city. You miss them a lot and you want to send them some gifts by post, to let them know you care about them. What do you think, What is the one thing you are supposed to know so that the parcel gets delivered to your friend? Friend’s address, Right. So, you will take the parcel to a courier service, and give them the address of the house your friend lives in.

Now, you know that every house has a unique address. The address of any two houses could not be the same. For the parcel to be delivered to the right person, you have to know their unique address.

The Same is the case with web pages.

On the internet, Every website or webpage has a unique address.

When you want to visit a website, say Google’s homepage, you will navigate to the browser’s address bar and type in – www.google.com. This complete path that you type in the address bar is the webpage’s address. This address in digital terms is known as a URL.

What is the full form of URL in computer?

Now you know what a URL is, but you must be wondering what is URL’s full form. URL stands for “Uniform Resource Locator”.

As the name suggests, a URL is an address used to locate a resource on the internet.

I hope, you understand very well, What is URL and its Full form.

Now, the question arises, How I can find my URL?

You should know that everything on the internet has a unique address. But different things have different types of addresses. Now when you access the internet using your device, you have a unique address that can be used to find and distinguish you on the internet. But this address is not the same as a URL. URLs are addresses for web pages. Your device has a different type of address which is known as an IP Address. An IP address or Internet Protocol address is a numerical string that is assigned to all the devices that are connected to a network (ex: Internet) and this numerical string is unique for each device.

So, do you have an individual URL? No, you do not. But you do have an IP Address. There is a lot more to IP Addresses but that will be covered in a different article. Till then, Adios!

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