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Mystery of Kailash Temple At Ellora

Hello Friends, Myself Shuaib. I visited Kailash Temple at Ellora. And learn some stories about it. So, I want to share a Story about Kailash Temple with you.

The mighty Shiva, the Creator, the almighty, and the one true God – Lord Shiva has many names to be addressed. But no one can deny the power of Lord Shiva. It is often said that his real followers are blessed with great knowledge and courage.

In the name of Lord Shiva, a lot of temples have been constructed in the past 1000 years, so that his devotees can pray to him. Devotees go to these temples in the number of thousands to pray to the ‘Shiva Linga.’ One of these many temples is the Kailash Temple at Ellora.

But this is not just an ordinary temple. A lot of secrets and myths have been associated with it.

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Story Behind Kailash Temple At Ellora

This temple is one of the largest rock-cut Hindu temples in India. Such is the architecture of this temple that even modern-day technology can’t build a structure like this.

It is one of the 34 cave temples that make up the Ellora Caves. The construction of Kailash Temple dates back to the eighth century in the reign of Rashtrakura king Krishna I.

Few inscriptions on the walls of this temple provide evidence that a Rashtrakuta ruler commissioned the construction of this temple.

Carved out of a single rock, this temple is one of the biggest wonders of ancient architecture and attracts several tourists every year from around the world.

It is said that King Krishna suffered from a severe disease, and his queen prayed to Lord Shiva and vowed to construct a temple if her wish was granted. When the king healed from his illness, the construction of the temple was commissioned, and one of the most impressive and beautiful temples in the world was built. It is believed that this temple took 150 years to be completed.

But why is this temple so mysterious? What are some unknown facts about this temple? Let’s see.

The Mystery of Kailash Temple At Ellora

  1. One of the biggest mysteries surrounding this temple is that the actual date of its construction is still unknown. Although speculation is that it was made under the rule of the Rashtrakuta ruler around the 8th century, the exact date is not known.
  2.  Almost 1000 years ago, machines and technology like cranes, and mechanical pulleys were not able. So how did the workers at that time manage to carve thousands of tons of rock out to create a 90 ft tall and 250 ft wide structure is a question that bothers archaeologists today. When studies were conducted, and analysis was made, it was concluded that building the Kailash temple at Ellora and would have taken 150 years if 7000 workers worked together. Mysterious? Yes, it is. Even after conducting years of research, nothing is clear about this temple, neither the origins nor the construction.
  3. The message conveyed by the temple is divine. The rock carvings suggest the supreme power of God and the cycle of construction and deconstruction, and how everything is ultimately in the hands of Lord Shiva.
  4. It is said that if you concentrate correctly while in the temple, you will feel a divine connection to God, a sensation that no other feeling can match.
  5. One more mystery of the Kailash temple at Ellora is that there are no priests there to carry out prayers. And there has not been any record of priests praying at this temple in the past few hundred years. So if this temple wasn’t made in the name of praying to Lord Shiva, then what was the actual purpose of the construction of this temple?


It looks like Alien Technology was used to build this temple. But if humans have made it, So our ancestors must have advanced technology even today.

All these points come together to create a jaw-dropping mystery around this temple.

Nevertheless, this temple is the most beautiful example of ancient Hindu architecture and rock carvings. Thousands of people every year visit Ellora Caves to feel that legacy and enjoy its beauty.

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