Asia’s Cleanest Village: The Mawlynnong Village

India has always been one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. Ancient Indian kingdoms have also left us with some architectural masterpieces, a lot of which are recognized as world heritage sites by UNESCO.

But you will often hear people complaining about India, saying – “India is really dirty”. Well, this might partly be the truth because a lot of Indian cities are facing this problem where there is garbage on the road and in public places.

There is a very important fact that a lot of people do not know about. The cleanest village in Asia is located in India itself. Yes, you read that right.

Mawlynnong village is the cleanest village of Asia situated in Meghalaya. Let us talk some more about it.

The Beauty of Mawlynnong Village 

Often cited as God’s Own Garden, Mawlynnong is truly a wonderful place to be in. It is so clean…so, so clean that I could go on describing its beauty.

It is safe to say that Mawlynnong village is ahead of its time, not just in terms of cleanliness, but in all the other aspects like literacy and women empowerment. But our focus for this article lies on cleanliness, so let us talk about that.

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The people of Mawlynnong have been taught about the importance of cleanliness for ages.

Generations after generations, the villagers are continuing the tradition of keeping cleanliness above everything else because being dirty is the root cause of a lot of diseases. This might be the reason for the people of Mawlynnong being so healthy and happy.

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Littering is an absolute crime in this village. You will find bamboo dustbins all over the village and all your litter is supposed to go into them, even the dry leaves that have fallen from the trees. There is no way you can carry things around in a plastic bag because that is banned in this village.

Oh, and if you are a smoker, this is not the place for you to be because smoking in this village is prohibited. This has got to be the most environment-friendly community in the world, seriously.

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People often plant trees and it’s a normal part of their lifestyle.

People volunteer to sweep the streets and come together to perform this noble task. All the garbage that goes into the dustbins is then converted into manure, and used for farming. So the people here really follow the – “Take from nature and give back to it” protocol very seriously.

The fun fact is, no one is imposing anything on the villagers. They do everything out of their own will. They love being clean and they love keeping their village clean. Yes, the tourists who visit the village and accidentally litter around often face heavy charges. So beware!

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Cleanliness is not the only reason to visit and appreciate Mawlynnong Village. This village has some of the kindest and welcoming people in India, who have left behind all ill practices and stereotypes.

Everyone is well educated and everyone wants to thrive. The village is really very beautiful, both in terms of scenery and the people. And Mawlynnong makes India proud!

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