What is a Striver SDE Sheet? 

● Do you like to practise Data Structures and Algorithms tasks, or are you a programmer looking to improve your knowledge in this arena?

● Did you know that a software development engineer is higher than any average professional in India?

● Do you want to know what comes up in the Microsoft interview questions?

Have you ever heard about one of the most practised sheets known as the striver SDE sheet?

Ever thought about how it might be used? Or how it benefits one appearing for top-notch technical companies?

If your legitimate answer to all these questions is a big yes, you are on the right blog! There would be certain questions in the coding interview that you might miss. Hence, the Striver SDE sheet comes as a saviour to cover every knit and grit. If you answered yes to all these questions, then worry not and still feel that you are missing out on a lot; we will help you with nothing but cracking these interviews with the knowledge of all kinds of questions that appear in google or Microsoft coding interviews. One of the most used question sheets to practise SDE is Striver’s SDE sheet. Here, we’ll go through a common and important programming topic: the striver SDE sheet.

Are you excited about working as a Software Development Engineer?

This means that SDE is one of the most sought-after roles in programming and development.

But before we go into the specifics, let’s review the fundamental description of the striver SDE sheet.

What exactly is the Striver SDE sheet?

Because it was built by a software developer named Striver, this SDE sheet is known as the Striver SDE Sheet (Raj Vikramaditya, AKA Strive).

code studio

The sheet is intended to assist software developers in keeping track of their work and progress to become more efficient and productive.

The SDE Strivers Sheet has covered all of the major round-wise parts and questions usually asked during a software developer coding interview, from MCQs to longer coding problems.

Striver SDE Sheet lists critical and must-do data structure and algorithm challenges. If you’re seeking a superb and succinct DSA resource, this will help you solve difficulties and considerably increase your DSA abilities.

The Striver SDE sheet comprises 180 questions, which may be finished in 2 months if you work at a normal pace. Though, it could be finished in 30 days, assuming you are already aware of the fundamentals of DSA.

You should solve this sheet simply if you are familiar with the fundamentals of data structures. Otherwise, it will take you longer to complete the sheet.

It is an excellent resource for revising the often-mentioned DSA questions a month before your interview or coding exam. The questions come from reputable websites.

Why is the striver SDE sheet important?

You must have a Striver SDE sheet as a computer programmer or developer. This sheet helps you track your growth progress and verify that you are on track.

It also enables you to share your development process with others, allowing them to see how you’re progressing and provide input. The document is useful for understanding every element of the development procedures.

Why must you believe Strivers’ helping sheet?

Students who have at least some experience with DSA and are seeking a brief list of key questions will find the SDE sheet by Striker quite beneficial. 

Striver has extensive experience in the IT industry because he is a software developer. The Striver SDE Sheet should be used since it is regularly updated with the most recent information.

The Striver SDE Sheet should be trusted for a variety of reasons. To begin with, it was created by professionals with years of expertise in the software engineering sector.

Lastly, believing in the Striver SDE Sheet is wise since it will help you save time and effort. Studying the worksheet is a quick and simple method to receive useful advice if you’re having trouble deciding how to handle a certain software development difficulty.

Who is the striver?

Raj Vikramaditya (pseudonym Striver) is a well-known YouTuber and software engineer employed by Google and was formerly employed by Media.net (Directi). He is also a top educator at Unacademy and formerly worked at GeeksforGeeks. In addition, he is a Codeforces Candidate Master and a 6-star Codechef developer.

Not only this, but his help sheet has provided aid to many aspiring software development engineers. With the advent of DSA, anyone who wishes to improve their problem-solving abilities can do so from the comfort of their homes.

Striver works towards improving the skills of his followers or educating them at best possible level. His YouTube channel, geeks for geeks, has helped millions of aspiring SDEs.

Question types in SDE

Pointing to the specific question would be useless. However, there are different horizons to the question we will unveil in the upcoming article.

Each technical question can be approached in various ways, so be ready with all of them.

We’ve also used C++ here, but you can use any language that works for you.

The topics of these questions have been collected over the years to provide an idea about the coding interview.

1. Arrays

2. Strings

3. Trees 

4. Linked lists

5. Math and stats

6. Dynamic programming

7. Sorting and searching 

8. Backtracking

9. Graphs

However, the question can vary as the sheet is developed over time spans. Hence, a motivated engineer needs to work hard, practice the latest question sets, and learn new ways to solve a simple problem.


We hope you now have a thorough understanding of the Strive SDE sheetYou may also use this material as a resource for Microsoft interview questions and queries from other firms.

When excellent study aids and tools like the Strivers SDE Sheet and Cracking the Coding Interview are easily available both online and in physical copy, don’t waste any time and begin preparing for your software developer interview now.

Best of luck with your job preparation! Have fun researching!

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