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Pro Players Don’t Want You to Know About these Ludo Hacks

The classic board game ludo came into existence centuries ago in the form of Pachisi. Despite being so old, the game has remained relevant and popular even after many years, thanks to its appealing variants, features, and gameplay. 

Similar to other board games, enthusiasts have the option to indulge in ludo matches both in the online as well as offline modes. However, irrespective of the mode they choose, individuals must know how to play ludo, i.e., they should be well-versed with the ins and outs of the game. 

Ludo is a strategy-based game, meaning players must develop smart strategies and tactics to ensure victory against highly skilled opponents. This article will list numerous ludo hacks that highly skilled players follow to win matches. Let us get started:

Ludo Hacks

Here, I am telling you some Ludo Hacks,

Play With a Clear Head

Even though it might not sound like it, remaining calm and clear-headed during ludo matches separates winners from losers. As mentioned earlier, ludo is a strategy-based game. Thus, there is always constant competition between players regarding better tactics and moves. However, no tactic or strategy, irrespective of how good it is, can help players if they are not calm and focused. 

Ludo Hacks

For instance, there are times when ludo matches take longer than anticipated to get over. Most players get frustrated and stop focusing on the game when this happens. They make reckless moves that cost them the match. On the other hand, players who remain calm and collected and make solid counter-moves end up winning the game. 

This foolproof hack is followed by all high-level ludo players, which is why they perform better than most opponents. Hence, every individual who wishes to play the long game and emerge victorious at the end should keep this pro-level hack in mind. 

Follow an Offensive Approach

Being defensive in ludo games is good until the opponents use their playing pieces to threaten players’ tokens. Even though following a defensive strategy allows players to keep their tokens safe from the opponents’ playing pieces, it limits players’ chances of winning the game. This is because, in most cases, time runs out, or the opponents’ tokens reach their respective houses first. 

Hence, all players are strongly advised to follow an attack-based strategy. In simpler terms, they should eliminate the playing pieces of opponents whenever possible. Doing so not only takes opponents’ tokens back to their bases but also has a catastrophic effect on their morale. The more pieces of opponents players target, the better their chances are of emerging victorious in games. 

March Ahead Using Multiple Pieces

Every player, irrespective of the mode they are using to indulge in ludo, is assigned four playing pieces at the beginning of a match. Their primary objective is to ensure that each playing piece covers the entire map once in the clockwise direction and ends at its respective base. The player who achieves this first is declared the winner. 

Most novice players use the six to take out a single playing piece from their house and march it toward the base using subsequent rolls. Even though this trick allows the token to quickly reach its base, this tactic has certain drawbacks. For starters, the chances of it getting eliminated by opponents’ playing pieces are very high. Secondly, there may not be enough time for players to follow the same tactic in case of all playing pieces. 

Hence, all players are advised to use the initial sixes rolled to take out all playing pieces from the respective bases and move them simultaneously. Following this effective hack will not only facilitate all playing pieces to move toward their house steadily but also allow players to safeguard all of them. Pro ludo players use this trick to cut corners during matches and fulfill their objective before others. 

Use Milestone Points Smartly

There are multiple blocks or points on a physical or virtual ludo board where tokens are safe from elimination, called milestone points. When a token is placed on a milestone point, it cannot get touched by another player’s tokens. Most beginners do not use milestone points to the best of their capabilities. 

On the other hand, highly skilled players fully utilize milestone points to turn the game around in their favor. They use a specific point to place one or two of their playing pieces and wait for the opponents’ tokens to march ahead of them. When it happens, they get the opportunity to eliminate them. Hence, every player should use milestone points smartly to try and eliminate opponents’ tokens. 

Follow Every Move of Opponents

All pro ludo players remain hyperactive and aware during matches. They observe each and every move of their opponents. This allows them to understand their opponents’ tactics, which helps them form effective countermoves and strategies. 

Hence, every player should remain completely focused during matches and games, irrespective of their skill level. Doing so will help them develop solid countermoves and facilitate them to overpower their opponents with ease and finesse. 

Final Thoughts

Since ludo is a game of strategy, the outcomes of matches come down to which player’s strategies and tricks are better. The better a player’s tricks are, the higher their chances are of winning the game. Thus, every individual who wishes to be the best player in every ludo match should keep the aforementioned hacks in mind and implement them during matches. 

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