Best lighting for your house

Have you ever felt this peculiar feeling when you visited someone’s home? You look at the amazing layout of their living room and feel something off about the whole thing but can’t place your finger on what that is?

I’ve felt the same thing multiple times and only noticed the reason recently as a friend wanted my opinion when designing their interior while the house was going through a very expensive renovation, and one of the walls was removed.

Suddenly it drowned in me that the most important aspect when it comes to any design is how it is viewed by a person. After all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. And whatever their eye sees is just light reflected off the surface. A grandly designed room could look like the ugliest room you’ve ever seen due to inconsiderate lighting, while the most straightforward room could look absolutely charming just because the lighting is perfect.

Best lighting for your house

All in all, lighting plays just as important a role in a room’s overall look as the interior’s design and layout. And it pays well to design the interior according to the available lighting options and provide the right lighting for the interior design. So you might ask, what is the right lighting for a home? If you are good at writing decor content, then you must try to write for us interior design.

Now I could pretend to be sage and say it all depends on the room. Still, the truth is that natural lighting is universally considered the best lighting option for your home due to multiple factors. One, it saves on electricity. Then there is the part where designing the interior from scratch is much easier when you plan it around natural light from windows and other sources.

But the most important factor is that exposure to natural light helps relieve mental fatigue and can help fight psychological issues like depression. It is proven that the chances of depression increase during the winter in some places with heavy snow and that the average number of patients taking anti-depressants is higher in very cold climates.

The best way to use natural lighting is to use the windows and design the interior based on how the light falls through. However, you still have many options to change things up. You can use translucent drapes or tinted glass to bring a colorful light effect inside or even use painted glass to create a unique experience.

Now, all this does not mean that you should only stick with natural lighting and ignore other options. Natural lighting is important, but it is only sometimes available or meets the right requirements for a specific room. Plus, you need to use your home at night and can’t expect the sun to shine all day long.

The next best option here is artificial lighting, but that is as broad a term as it comes. There are many ways to use artificial lighting, but the first thing you need to know is that you should choose an LED option. This is not just a cost-saving measure because it is the most popular one now. It is also environmentally friendly, and big brands are spending a lot on R&D, giving it an increased life span compared to other options.

Another advantage of LED lights is that they come in different temperatures and forms. Some rooms, like the dining room, will feel cozier when there is warm temperature light around. Still, if you’re working on the PC or watching TV, you’ll want a colder light so that the colors on the screen are more accurate.

It is generally considered that bedrooms should have a warm light as exposure to colder lights will result in a long time to fall asleep. Other than that, it is entirely up to your preference.

Finally, be flexible in following such guidelines; in the end, the designer’s vision is just as important as the eye of the beholder. Your home and your creativity are being exposed, and you should hold true to your intentions.

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