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Significance Of NCERT Books For UPSC Aspirants

Want to be the next UPSC topper? For that matter, are you following the right steps?

Whenever we listen to or read about a UPSC topper’s preparation, they all emphasize the role of the NCERT books in helping them prepare adequately for their UPSC exams. The Union Public Service Commission is known to set a vast syllabus. Thankfully, NCERTs are believed to make up a huge syllabus of the UPSC curriculum, especially to form the UPSC Mains preparation strategy.

We must do what is needed and also more to have an edge over other candidates and beat the competition.

In this article, we will understand why and how reading NCERTs will help us excel in the upcoming UPSC CSE.

NCERT, Its Books & Their Significance

NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training. It is an autonomous organization set up by the government of India in 1961.
● The organization is set up to build adequate policies, undertake, promote and coordinate research in the nation’s education.
● It develops and distributes educational materials like model textbooks, supplementary material, newsletters, journals, and educational kits and organizes training and practice programs for teachers.
● NCERT distributes textbooks of various subjects from standard 1st to12th.
● Almost 90% of the books recommended by NCERT are being used as the course books in the schools affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary/School Examinations/Education.
● In most of the competitive entrance exams, the questions asked directly come from the 11th and 12th standard NCERTs.
● Moreover, NCERT books are also recommended for the preparation of the UPSC exams.

Importance Of NCERT In A Civil Services Aspirant’s Life

All the UPSC toppers unequivocally advise focusing on NCERT books for the preparation for the exams. Let’s understand why.

Authored & Authenticated By Leaders Of The Field

● The NCERT books are believed to be a reliable source of information.
● The draft and design of the NCERT books are done by eminent authors after extensive research.
● Therefore, NCERT books are the best source for the Civil Services Examination to develop a strong base in any subject and cover the syllabus.

Bent On Building The Concepts

● For a civil services aspirant, it is important to know all and full. The NCERT books are drafted and designed keeping in mind just that.
● The textbooks cover all topics which are important from the exam point of view and more.
● Once a candidate has read the NCERT of a particular subject it guarantees that the aspirant is no more a novice in the subject.

A Simple & Sure Study Source

● NCERT textbooks are the elementary books that cover the CSE syllabus and exam pattern adequately.
● The books can be read in Hindi, English, and Urdu. The language in the book is simple, legible and credible.
● Everyone grasps ideas easily which not only raises their awareness but also the confidence to take the exam.

Effective Approach Towards NCERT Books

The UPSC CSE syllabus is extensive and comprehensive. Therefore, one needs a fine approach towards NCERT books to be able to retain all the information.

● Choose a subject to begin with then gather books from classes 6th to 12th for that particular subject book.
● However, based on the weightage and past paper analysis it is advisable to start with the NCERT of Indian Polity.
● In the start try to understand the basic concepts, and then make notes.
● Mostly, for history, the old NCERT books are advised and, for geography, new ones.
● After gathering the needed NCERTs, create a plan to finish reading them at least twice in about 2-months.
● It is crucial to recognize that NCERTs are the fundamental foundational books.

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