Allocations Founder Kingsley Advani Net Worth

Cryptocurrencies are becoming popular day by day. And why wouldn’t it? It is the currency of the future. Along the line, many have achieved their dream of becoming a millionaire by investing in cryptocurrencies. One such millionaire is the British Investor Kingsley Advani. At the age of 24, he was able to transition from an average daily wage worker to a young millionaire. Excited to know about his net worth.

One of our generation’s youngest millionaires and investors in bitcoin, Kingsley Advani, made his first investment of $34,000 in cryptocurrencies at the age of 24 and went on to become a millionaire in Bitcoin. His investment increased to seven figures within six months, enabling him to leave his day job at a software firm and work as an advisor all over the world.

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Kingsley Advani’s journey to becoming a millionaire began last summer. He got really fascinated by the return that these cryptocurrencies were giving away. He thought to try it. And he gave it all he had to try his hand at cryptocurrency as he believed it was unlike traditional Finance. Want to know more about him and his net worth, dig right in.

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Reasons why he became a Crypto King 

Many think that he is someone who got lucky in the crypto market. And if you think the same allow me to tell you that you are completely wrong. King is not just someone who got lucky; he was able to achieve so much because he studied the market trends and behaviors, and of course, his college degrees played a huge role in this.

Kingsley Advani Net Worth
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 He has studied Data mining at Stanford University, obtained a bachelor’s degree from the London school of economics and Political Science (LSE) in Finance exchange, Alternative investments, and another bachelor’s degree from the University of Melbourne in Finance and Economics. But he continued his learning here; he went ahead and got some real hands-on experiences by working in companies like Airbnb, BNP Paribas, Uber, Finest Games, and IBM.  

Starting his career in the Crypto World.

Though he became a millionaire at the age of 24, his preparations for becoming a crypto millionaire started in his early 20s. His friend introduced bitcoin to him in 2012. When it was mostly a currency utilized for the online buying and selling of illegal drugs, he viewed cryptocurrency from a different perspective, which initially spiked his interest and made him see the prospects of cryptocurrency. After analyzing trends and studying the crypto market, he was very well aware of the possibilities of cryptocurrencies and the success they could bring to his life. So, he started analyzing and studying the crypto market for various trends when he found a chance that this could bring him his financial breakthrough.

Once he became sure of the Crypto returns and the growing demands of the cryptocurrencies, he went ahead and emptied his ban accounts, including his laptop and headphones, in 2017, which all totaled up to $34000. He invested the entire $34000 in cryptocurrencies.

He gave in all he had at the time and used his precious hard-earned money to purchase the cryptocurrencies, bitcoin, and Ethereum, which blew up in 6 months. The value of bitcoin rose to almost 15% from its initial price, going from $1300 to $19000, and Ethereum Went from $70 to $1300, 18 times its initial price. Leaving Advani with Seven figures as a return on his investment in just the course of 6 months.

At the time, he worked in a software company, and every month he saved a big chunk of his salary to invest in the crypto market. His returns eventually made him quit his job to traveling the world as an angel investor and startup adviser, followed by investing in multiple companies. 

Starting his investing career in 2013 to funding 50 companies, he has come a long way. Not only this, but he also has $ funds and donates to non-profit organizations such as the national university of Singapore, SENS Foundation, and Methuselah Foundation. He has a growing interest in Regenerative medicines pertaining to age-related concerns. The companies he has invested in include Coinbase, Fintech, Abra, Oisin, and many more.

Current Working

You won’t believe it, but Kingsley Advanihas been a part of Keypla as the Co-founder and Chief Data Scientist. And is currently functioning in three different positions: at Chairfund as a General Partner, at Advani Family Office as an investor, and as the CEO at Allocations. 

At such a young age, when many dream of being rich, KingsleyAdvani took some major steps to put him way ahead in his career than a normal person in his 20s would. His career decisions made him a millionaire, letting him work as an advisor and share his knowledge for free with the growing cryptocurrency startups. He gets to travel between different cities, from San Francisco to London to New York, to attend meetings and hunt for various startups that can become what people might think as the next big blockchain technology.

He is currently staying in a San Francisco hacker house and planning to move in permanently to this city soon. Unlike most adults, he doesn’t party or drink, but it isn’t that common with most financially successful people. He likes to spean his free time enriching his knowledge and learning about the crypto market, and he also loves to meditate. In an interview, he mentioned that he loved the app headspace for meditation and hadn’t missed his meditation session in the last 400 days.

He also mentioned that to be successful, a person must focus and fewer things. Moreover, to implement that in his life, he orders food online as he doesn’t want to waste his time focusing on grocery shopping; he also has limited his screen time because he finds it distracting. And addition to that, he tries his best to live as much as possible in a bunker.

He even limits himself from reading every news story and news in general about bitcoins and keeping a close on changes in its values.  

Advani instead reviews the most research findings on the core technology and prospects of cryptocurrencies and tries to anticipate its future. He doesn’t recommend everyone to get their hands in the cryptocurrency market, except for those eager to dig deep into the white papers as he did. Advani also owns a well-known investment blog and is active on social media platforms. Currently, he has investments in more than 100 businesses.

Kingsley Advani’s Net Worth

So what exactly is his net worth? If you are someone who has knowledge about the crypto world and has observed it closely, you would have guessed by now. But here it is, even if you are not or can’t estimate his net worth. So, the net worth of the angel investor and Crypto king, Kingsley Advani, is estimated to be somewhere between 5000 million US dollars, which keeps on changing depending on the cryptocurrency market because most of his income comes from his crypto investments.


Transitioning from a pay cheque to a young crypto millionaire, Kingsley Advani’s millionaire journey doesn’t seem less than a movie. He would have never thought as a child that life had so much in store for him.

His life lesson is that if you have deep and thorough knowledge and understanding about something, you can take a chance of putting everything at risk, especially your materialistic belongings but only when you are sure of its return. Just like him.

Hope you would have discovered some amazing habits of him and his current lifestyle along with the net worth of this Young crypto millionaire. If you want to know more about his lifestyle and get some inside news, you can follow him on LinkedIn, as he is very active there.

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