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10 Best English Language Learning Apps 2021

Learning in today’s world has completely got transformed with the advent of various technological solutions and online platforms. People have got multiple ways to increase their knowledge using some best available learning resources from the internet. Moreover, the mobile apps, especially the AI English tutor apps have also offered great ease and flexibility in learning with some most advanced and innovative features. When it comes to language learning, English is the most desired language worldwide that people want to learn. The entire app market is full of myriads of mobile apps offering something special but there are only a few which deliver the required level of perfection through their features and teaching methodologies.

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This post is intended to give you a clear idea about some best English learning apps which are thoroughly tested on various parameters by our team of experts.

FluentU App

One of the most popular language-learning app where you get immense opportunities to explore a whole new world of innovative features to succeed in your target language. The app uses real-world music videos, movie trailers, news, and inspiring conversations to get you the best exposure to the English language. The app offers ample videos where each video has a caption, description, and annotation. Explaining each concept in its depth, the app offers great support for detailed learning along with a variety of resources available online to enhance your perception skills. You will get the definition for each new word you learn through this app along with an image and example sentences to help you understand the concept better.

HeyCleo App

This interactive AI-based English learning app has gained much appreciation in recent times in the entire UAE due to its innovative features and unique concept of virtual teachers. You can easily select a virtual teacher and get started with your English learning. The private English teaching app allows you to speak newly learned words and its excellent speech recognition catches your slightest error in pronunciation which is then corrected by your virtual teacher by speaking the right word just after you. It also makes sentences with those new words to help you understand their usage. Apart from this, you can choose any topic from within the app can upload a topic of your choice, and the AI English tutor Saudi Arabiaprepares written instructions that are tailored according to your perception level. These lessons are prepared in your selected native language so that you can grasp the most complex topics with great ease.

Memrise App

In the list of best English language learning apps, Memrise App offers a wide range of features and functionalities to enhance your English skills with its interactive learning regime. You can learn the English language online with this app at great ease where it allows you to access various complex topics in English and get a good grip over them. The “learn with locals” feature allows you to communicate with some native speakers to understand words, phrases, and sentences spoken by them in a real accent. The app efficiently evaluates your performance based on your speaking skills and you can choose among 23 different languages to learn through this wonderful app.

Duolingo App

If you really want to go beyond your limits and learn English in the most advanced way, the Duolingo app can offer immense benefits for you. The best part of the app is that you can learn several different languages at once with this amazing app. You can access different lessons as per your choice and skip topics that you already know. The built-in game mechanic feature encourages and allows you to go back to any previous topic for practice and reinforcement.

Babbel App

The free version of this app comes with 40 classes where you can access a good amount of phrases and vocabulary to know this app’s features, performance, and teaching methodology. You can learn the English language online through this app and clearly judge the essence of this app through its vocabulary classes where you get step-by-step teaching of new words with the help of images. These words are then used in some short dialogues and phrases to help you know how they are used practically. Apart from this, the app has separate packages devoted to improving specific skills such as vocabulary and grammar.

Busuu App

This amazing app takes you on a wonderful learning journey where you get some advanced and specialized features to overcome your fear related to spoken English. The lessons are well-organized in topical themes where you can learn the necessary skills and expressions related to the topic. You can choose to chat with other native learners and interact with them to get more familiar with your topics. The private English teaching app also introduces some effective ways through which you can easily grasp complex topics with the help of multiple online learning resources.

Rosetta Stone App

The list of best English learning apps can never be complete without mentioning this renowned app. Rosetta Stone is one of the most widely recognized language learning apps in the world. You will slightly get a touch of your childhood learning as the app goes quite systematically through its different English topics. Speech recognition allows you to correct your pronunciation skills and learn vocabulary in a detailed way. It is one of the oldest language learning apps that were introduced a long time ago but has managed successfully to renovate its functionalities through some emerging and effective teaching methodologies.

Lingua Lift App

This is another private English teaching app that is designed for serious learners who want to get a good grip over the entire English language. It is the team of some really expert professional teachers who make a difference. The teachers are available round-the-clock assisting you with your every query or topic on grammar and suggest extra resources for learning, assign homework related to the particular learner based on his perception skills. The grammar explanations are very clear and to-the-point and the vocabulary and script learning tools offer you the best ways to learn ample new words along with their usage. Moreover, you also get the option to interact with some native learners to discuss your lessons and share doubts.

Mondly App

This app is best known for offering some innovative tools for learning the English language at your pace. Right from the beginning, the app focuses much on phrases rather than single words to make learners get acquainted with some phrases which can help them to elevate their level of communication. The app allows you to engage in some real conversations with AI chatbots where all queries and issues can be addressed effectively. The entire syllabus is creatively designed keeping in mind, the present English learning requirements of the current generation.

Lirica App

What if you get an app that allows you to learn English musically? Yes, as its name suggests, Lirica helps you to get acquainted with some most critical topics of the English language and that too in a lyrical way. The app is designed creatively where most of the exercises are based on some hit songs from popular artists which not only allows you to grasp some grammar concepts but also improves your vocabulary. One of the most innovative learning apps among other AI English tutor apps, Lirica can be the best way to enjoy learning English if you have a good taste for music.

Here, We Mentioned the 10 best apps for learning English, which will help you to learn English. If you have any other queries, feel free to contact us.

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