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Top Best Water Reminder App

It’s not only about quenching your thirst when it comes to hydration. Our body has 70% of water in it. Drinking an adequate amount of water has a variety of key health benefits, ranging from body temperature controls to less stress. Do you know about the many more benefits of being hydrated? Let’s discuss some of them:-

Here, are the Top 12 best water reminder apps that will help you to keep yourself hydrated.  But before know about some apps, here are some health benefits of being adequately hydrated:

  1. Your body needs to maintain its temperature to survive, so drinking an adequate amount of water helps regulate the body’s temperature.
  2. Your body generates a lot of waste that needs proper cleaning to remove all the toxicity, which is also done by water.
  3. Blood pressure needs to be in control of the body to function correctly, and water again helps keep it under control.
  4. You may also get frustrated and annoyed at times due to the pimples and acne on your face. Start being appropriately hydrated, and you will never get embarrassed on special occasions due to your oily skin.
  5. The cells and tissues in the body need water to stay healthy and keep functioning properly.
  6. Saliva, an essential part of consuming and digesting food, is formed with the help of water.
  7. Do you know how doors and windows of our homes need to be lubricated every once in a while? Our body needs lubrication too, and being properly hydrated is its key.

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So now that you know the health benefits of water, you should also know how much water you should consume per day. Health experts say that you should at least drink 2 liters of water in a day. Very hard to remember that you should drink water. But thank god, there are some water reminder apps for that.

Smartphones have made our lives easy. There are a lot of apps available for smartphones that make our daily life more comfortable in one way or the other. There are a few best water reminder apps available for smartphones that will remind you to keep drinking water at regular intervals. Here is the list of the best of those apps,

Top 10 Best Water Reminder Apps for Smartphones

Various apps are available in the market which helps you to stay hydrated. But only a few apps can stand out from an ocean of apps that are existing for the same functions. These apps have something unique and appealing that makes them more user-friendly. These factors can be an easy and pleasant-looking interface, cost, or overall appeal. So here is the top 10 best water reminder app available in the market today that will get you going and keep you healthy.

Hydro Coach Water Reminder App

Android rating: 4.6

Hydro Coach is a daily water tracker application that helps you to be hydrated on a regular basis. It includes a water intake calculator as well as a record of the quantity of water you’ve consumed per day.

This app evaluating your amount of water intake on a daily and monthly basis has become much more simple and more convenient.

With the help of a simple record, this app allows you to keep a precise check on your water intake ratio.

hydro coach

You may also get graphical representations of your water consumption habits over the course of a week or a month.

This app can only be used by android users and is free to use. However, if you want to unlock some amazing additional features, you have to buy it with in-app purchases.

WaterMinder App

Android rating: 4.4

WaterMinder is another best water reminder app available in the market today. It stands above other apps because it works on the concept of rewarding. The idea is – If you do some excellent work, you should be rewarded. So if you’re drinking water properly and are consuming water in healthy amounts, then you’ll be rewarded. When you achieve your water target.

best water reminder app

There is a reminder that will poke you every once in a while to remind you to drink water, and there is a tracker that will keep track of your hydration schedule. You have to fill in details like body weight, age, height, etc. and it will give you the amount of water needed by your body daily. The app is really simple to use and is cool-looking. Customization is available in this app. The Water Minder app is available for both iOs and Android devices, and it is free for Android.

Water Reminder-Remind Drink Water App

Android rating: 4.9

This is another best water reminder app. The interface of this app is wonderful and is also very easy to use. The app is quick. It has a tracker and a reminder. You can fill in details like gender, weight, age, height, etc. to know the exact amount of water you should drink per day. Customization can be done based on a disease or any other condition.

best water reminder app

The app presents human body graphics to keep track of the amount of water consumed. The apps are gorgeous and look good on the phone too. Various achievements will encourage users to work towards accomplishing their goals. This app works for ios and android based phones. Click here to Install.

Plant Nanny Water Reminder App

Android rating: 4.6

Watering our plants is a common thing in our daily life, but have you ever wondered about plants reminding you to stay hydrated as well. Sounds Cute?

Yes, it is because Plant Nanny allows you to create adorable plants while consuming water. The water is absorbed by the plants displayed every time you drink and tap the glass symbol, allowing them to grow. They will remind you how much water you need to drink on a daily basis. It is a very unique and cute feature to enjoy, which also helps you remain hydrated.

best water reminder app

It can be easily used on both android and iOs devices and is free to use. You can also unlock in-app purchases to enjoy more unique features.

Water Balance Water Reminder Apps

Android rating: 4.3

Water balance is another best water reminder app that can help in increasing the total amount of water that you intake. This app is very attractive because it is easy to use and pretty interface.

best water reminder app

The app will guide you using analysis and statistics of your total water consumption and will be like a friend who will help you in making water drinking a habit. There are training and exercise schedules given in the app to make you feel thirsty and assist you in getting fir. So, all in all, this is a great app. Click here to install this app.

Aqualert Water Reminder App

Android rating: 4.6

Aqualert is a daily water reminder app that sends you notifications at intervals throughout the day to remind you to drink enough water.

It is an easy-to-use app, uncomplicated and useful, as it tells you how much water you should drink depending on your weight, gender, and activities.

This app allows users to customize reminders based on their preferences. It keeps a track record of your daily water consumption and displays it in graphs and statistics. It is simple to sync with Google Fit.


It also offers an automatic bedtime mode feature that prevents the app from disturbing you while you sleep.

This application is free to use for all users and also offers in-app purchases for additional features. It is easily accessible both on Android and iOs devices.

Water Call Reminder App

Android rating: 4.5

In the list of best water reminder apps,  This is the most compact and most comfortable app. After installation, you need to set up this app. Tap the notification each time you drink water for it to be saved in the app’s log.

water call

There are also several features like ‘Do not disturb’ in case you don’t want to be notified again and again, and there is also a feature to change the theme of the app. The water call app will assist you in creating a daily water drinking habit that will make you healthier.

Hydro Diary Best Water Reminder App

Android rating: 4.6

Hydro Diary will be your journal for keeping a record of your daily water consumption. It creates Logs, which are based on per day water intake.

best water reminder app

This application gives you a daily target, which you have to achieve. Hydro Diary is a great app, very attractive, and has easy to use interface. Also, this app doesn’t take a lot of storage space on your phone, so that is a plus point. Install Hydro Diary

Drink Water Reminder

What can be more than cute graphics of water droplets reminding you to stay hydrated? With flexible timings and data of your water consumption depicted as graphs and records, this app will remind you to stay hydrated throughout your whole busy day.

The app can also connect with your Google Fit, allowing you to combine your weight and water intake data to help you stay hydrated.

It can be used both on android and iOs devices and is free to use. Some additional features are also present through in-app purchases.

Drink Water Reminder- Water Tracker and Diet

If you are suffering from diabetes, you can use the calculator displayed in the app to figure out the amount of water you have to drink.

You can also set reminders and keep track of hydration habits on a daily basis. The symbols indicate your progress toward personal goals and push notifications time to remind you to drink water

It can be easily used both on android and iOs devices and is free to use. However, it also offers some in-app purchases for additional features. 

Drink Water Aquarium App

Android rating: 4.6

This is another great app with a satisfied user base. The size of this app is 6.4 MB, providing you with great features while being compact. This app is very attractive and has a simple interface. This app has an illusory aquarium. You can monitor your daily water intake by observing the amount of water that has been filled in the aquarium by the end of the day. Pretty cool, eh? Yeah, it is.

water reminder app

There are also fishes, that cutely dance when you drink water, and with time, more fishes are added to keep you motivated. You can provide the app with basic data to get it started and you can customize it anytime. Click here to Install This App

Water Drinking Reminder-Drink Water Timer App

Android rating: 4.6

best water reminder app

This is another best water reminder app for your phone, this app will help you manage your habit of drinking  There are a lot of features that allow you to properly monitor the water you intake, like charts and stats. There is a reminder, you can schedule according to yourself. This is a great app. You can create your schedules and plans, and along with the amount of daily water, you can also customize the size of the cups that you drink from at regular intervals. This will help you in getting very accurate data at the end of the day.


Water, which is an essential element to survival also, helps in regulating body temperature, healing tissues, joint lubrication, and the removal of wastes from the body.

Depending on your movement, your overall health, and your surrounding environment, you need to stay hydrated each day.

It’s difficult to exactly calculate how much water a person needs, but these best hydration apps will give you an idea and will remind you to drink water on a regular basis to be healthy and hydrated.

The above list provides you with some of the best water reminder apps that will help you in your hydration. The most recommended of these apps is Plant Nanny as it gives you an attractive interface and a sense of accomplishing your goal every time. I recommend this app.

Here I am providing you a summary in which you can choose the best water reminder app of your choice.

Name of Water Reminder AppRatingPrice
Hydro Coach Water Reminder App4.6200Rs.
WaterMinder App4.4Free
Water Reminder – Remind Drink Water App4.9Free
Plant Nanny Water Reminder App4.6Free
Water Balance Water Reminder apps4.3Free
Aqualert Water Reminder app4.6Free
Water Call Reminder App4.5Free
Hydro Diary4.6Free
Drink Water Aquarium App4.6Free
Water Drinking Reminder – Drink Water Timer App4.6Free

People Also Ask For

  1. What is the best free water reminder app?

    Hydro Coach- Drink water is the best free water reminder app for you. It has a simple water intake calculator to use by which you can keep a track record of your hydration on a daily and monthly basis in the easiest way possible. It also offers a graphical representation of your water intake on a weekly basis so you can keep a check on your activities.

  2. Is there a free app to remind you to drink water?

    There is a number of apps available online which reminds you to stay hydrated without taking any charge. Some of the best apps available are Hydra Coach, Aquaalert, Plant Nanny, Water Tracker & Alarm, and many more.

  3. What is the best water reminder app for iPhones?

    The best water reminder apps for iOs devices are iHydrate and My Water and Drink Reminder apps. The latter one has some features that can be used for free but for using iHydrate; you have to purchase its features starting from $2.99. It is worth it to invest as you will be satisfied with some unique features present in it.

  4. Is the water reminder app good?

    Water reminder apps are the best way to stay hydrated. In our daily busy life, we often don’t remember to drink water as it is an essential part of our body. These apps remind us to drink water with timely notifications and also keep a record of our daily water intake. We can analyze it and keep a check on our health in a simple and easy way.

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