What is C Tokens: Identifiers, Constants, Keywords, Data types in C

Tokens in C

Before you learn the C programming language, you should understand its fundamentals. C tokens are the basic blocks that create the fundamentals of the C programming language. Read on to understand more. What are C Tokens? Let us understand tokens in c by taking an example. Whenever a new building …

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How to Read and Understand C Program Memory Layout?

C Program Memory Layout

Do you know the architecture of memory and how programmers access memory? The C program memory layout can be divided into five segments or sections. Without beating around the bush, let us jump right into the main topic. The five segments are: Text Segment Initialized Data Segment Uninitialized Data Segments …

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What is Addressing Modes of 8085 Microprocessor?

Before knowing about what is addressing mode, you should know what are the opcode, operand, and mnemonics. We understand them with an example, What is the mnemonics and what is the operand in the instruction written above? MOV is a mnemonic that will instruct the microprocessor to transfer or copy …

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PFMS Full Form

PFMS is a financial management platform. This platform was started by the Office of the Controller General of Accounts, Ministry of Finance with the Planning Commission. Do you know, What is PFMS’s full form? PFMS Full Form is a Public Financial Management System. The main goal behind the introduction of …

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What is Avogadro’s Law? Learn with Avogadro’s Law Examples

Avogadro's Law Examples

The field of science has been blooming since the last few hundred years. Revolutionary theories have been proposed, and formulas have been discovered that helped in changing the world for better. I wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that even small formulas like speed = distance/time have helped in bringing …

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Exclusive Learning on Recursion in C Programming

Recursion in C Programming

Recursion is a mathematical term that stands for the repeated application of a method or definition. In programming terms, recursion is said to be done when a function calls itself directly or indirectly. The process is called recursion, and the created function is known as a recursive function. Recursion in …

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What is the Full Form of Internet?

what is the full form internet

In this modern world, we all use the web, and our lives will be utter incomplete without the internet, but does your mind ever ponder upon the internet and its history and work? Well, the internet is a “network of networks” or electronic web and information superhighway that is used …

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What is Operators in C Programming Language?

Operators in C Programming language trickyedu

Operators in c are defined as some symbols that carry out a specific mathematical/ logical computation on the given operands. So you can say that operators are one of the most important components of any programming language, and without them, programming languages are of no major use. Let us understand …

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