17 Hack Which Will Discard Your Stress

Stress is the most crucial phase of the Student life of any individual. It is the phase where things seem to be scattered and quite fill with confusion, anxiety, unhappiness, self-doubts, and depression. This phase also teaches a lot of great lessons in life which will lead to giving birth to a successful intellectual and leader. To handle this phase in the best way is a challenge in itself.

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There are certainly easy, great, effective, and proven ways in which anyone can get free from exam stress.

How to Deal With Stress? 

These tricks will tell you, how to reduce your stress,

Keep yourself Hydrated

Hydration of your body plays a vital role in handling your stress. Your body and Brain is filled with 73 percent water. The human body has 60% water.

H.H. Mitchell said that the heart and mind are made up of 73% water, and the lung contains 83% water, the skin, bones,  muscles, and kidneys all are made up of water.

Fill your body with water to care for and proper functioning of all the organs of your body. When all your organs including your brain function properly then stress cannot hit you.

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Eat Less Junk Food

In Stress, It has been observed that many people start eating too much which eventually leads to the destruction of their physical fitness as well as mental one. Eating too much increases stress.

Try to eat as much as you can. But give yourself the proper nutrients. Switch to healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables. Fruits reduce mental stress and strengthen your body and mind.

Start Writing Journal

Make it a habit to keep a personal journal with yourself where you can share all your Mindy things without stoppage.

Research has shown that if you write your heart’s words in a notebook 15 minutes a day can enhance health, improve the immune system, and give you a peaceful mind.

Start Reading Books( self-improvement)

Books are the best friend and the true guides of everyone. Read at least 1 page of any self-improvement book that you like the most daily or at the time when you feel any stress in your mind. Reading a book captures your focus and gives you great lessons about life.

Activity that relaxes you

Give your time to any activity that you enjoy a lot. It can be painting, playing guitar, listening to music, or any activity which fills you with immense joy and happiness. A few moments can play a vital role to regain peace of mind.

Do Mediation Regularly

Make time for meditation even for a few minutes. Practice meditation whenever you feel down or stressed. Deep Breathing even for 5 minutes can reduce the huge mental stress. It allows your mind to relax.

Start Exercise Regularly

Exercise is a very important part of our daily life. When you do exercise several stress-reducing hormones released from your brain which results in boosting your energy level.

Exercise even for a few minutes can bring unbelievable results in your physical and mental health.

Walk-in nature

Nature is the greatest Healer of any disease, either physical or mental. The fresh air of nature brings immense peace to your mind. Apart from that walking in nature is the best way to live a happy and healthy life.

Be Positive and Surround yourself with positive people

If you want to change your life, you need to change your mindset. Positivity is the way of happiness and success. When you start thinking positive thoughts, you start growing and battling out the problems of your life.

Always focus on every opportunity that you could have, instead of counting the problems prevailing in your life. Take suitable measures of action instead of worrying. Your actions are the investment of your precious time while worries are a waste of your precious time. Always try your best before quitting any situation.


Life is precious; live it’s every moment in the best way. Stop thinking about your mistakes of the past, instead learn the greatest lessons of life. Stop thinking also about your future worries, which in actual not exist. Invest in your present. Make everything happen in your present because it will never come back.

Open up yourself with close ones

Pour your heart out in front of your close ones, friends, lover, or any close family member. Your heart and brain will feel relaxed. You can also get the right directions from them.

Take proper sleep

Quality sleep plays an important role to maintain your mental health. Take proper quality sleep. Before 30 minutes of sleeping stop using gadgets, your mind needs stillness before going to sleep. Drinking Green tea before sleep can also help you to get a great sleep.

Keep smiling, and be joyous.

To handle any situation of life, you need to face it with great courage and a smile in your face. Your smile is the treasure box of your happiness, calm, peace, and Growth.

Be the Unique one

Keep your focus on yourself always, and never compare yourself with anyone. Everyone is born with their qualities, Try to improve yourself and become a better version of yourself every single day. Your greatest competition is “YOU”.

Have patience

Every Great thing takes time to grow. The way a seed grows with all patience, the same way your growth takes time. Keep doing your consistent actions with persistence and patience; you will get the best reward.

See Motivational Videos and Quotes

Invest your time in watching motivational videos and reading motivational quotes. It is the best way to keep you preserve from distractions and to use technology as your Guide.

Don’t Be Night Owl

Morning time, is the best peaceful time which you can offer to yourself, it brings the most precious hours for you in which you get to relax in the best way.

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