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What Workouts Do NFL Players Do Outside of the Weight Room?

There is never an excuse to miss a workout, as even if you cannot make it to the gym for whatever reason, you can get a solid workout at home. Today, we will highlight a few different workouts that players in the National Football League do without any equipment that you can implement into your life to continue getting stronger and more explosive. 

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There is a reason why hundreds of years later, people are still doing push-ups, and it is because they are extremely effective when you perform them correctly. To do a push-up correctly, you need elbows close to your body and no arching of your back. This builds up your core strength and upper body as a whole, as it targets many of the key areas in your arms and your chest specifically. 

Trainers typically tell players to perform four or five sets of 15 push-ups if they are trying to increase their muscle size, but if they are trying to become more powerful, add more weight by wearing a weighted vest or something that will add more weight to the movement. The last set should have you exhausted. If that is not how you feel, then you need to improve the intensity of each rep or add some weight to make it more difficult on your muscles. 

Tricep Dips

The triceps are an important muscle in football as that is where many muscles that help with blocking and things of that nature are located. Typically, people do them with a chair, but you can do them with an elevated surface. It would be best to start with your knees bent and your feet on the ground while your hands are on the surface and your body facing outwards. Then, you would lower your body to the floor by bending your elbows, not moving your feet, and push up on the surface to get back to the starting position and do ten reps in three sets. 

This bodyweight workout is a crucial way to improve your muscles. It can help you get the proper form before transitioning to a workout with weights. It also allows your muscles to get used to the movement before adding other things. 

Cardio Training

For obvious reasons, NFL players need to focus on their cardio; otherwise, they will find themselves on the sidelines. One of the best cardio workouts you can do is called stadium stairs. To do this, you need a long set of stairs, and you will sprint up the stairs with both feet touching each step and walk down when you reach the top. This is an excellent exercise to do ten times with 10 seconds of rest in between each rep as you continue to build up your endurance. 

Speaking of endurance, another cardio workout, if you have a track available near you, is running sprints. You run for 100 meters and then give yourself 30 seconds of rest before your next rep, as that will begin allowing you to be more explosive for every play. 


No matter what position an NFL player has, there needs to be a time when they continue to improve their body and their muscles. It’s extremely difficult to last an entire season without being hurt. Focusing on their training is critical to avoiding injuries while on the playing field. 

What workouts would you do if you were an NFL player and could not access a weight room? 

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