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How Much Bitcoin Should a Beginner Buy?

It’s hard to find a person not interested in investing in cryptocurrency. This niche is very popular nowadays, but joining it requires extensive knowledge of finance, accounting, management, investment, and many other related spheres. The number of cryptocurrencies one can invest in is huge, but Bitcoin remains the most popular. Its value varies, but experienced investors still prefer to work with Bitcoin.

Suppose you are new in this world of investing. In that case, Bitcoin is a good choice for you, at least because this currency is the most popular. It guarantees that you can find a lot of information on the Internet. Let’s imagine that you’ve spent much time improving your knowledge, and now you want to buy bitcoin with a credit card. But what about the amount of currency you should buy? 

How to Identify the Right Amount of Money to Invest?

You can find someone ready to guide you in the investing world, but there’s no guarantee this person will help you find your place in this business. Therefore, we’ll try to describe the key details here. The first point you should be clear about is your investment capital — the amount of money you’re ready to exchange on BTC. Please, avoid rushing into things and wasting all your money, hoping it’ll pay off. 

The recommended percentage of money to invest is between 5% and 35% of your investment capital. This data was gathered from various resources, and it’s up to each person to choose the amount. However, we want you to note that 5% is too low, whereas 35% is too huge. Find the golden mean between two margins and buy bitcoins with a debit card.

A Step-By-Step Guide On Buying Bitcoins

Finding a random listing of exchanges, choosing the first one, and buying BTC on it isn’t the right investment approach. It’s a severe process requiring the utmost attention. If you are trying to buy BTC, you must consider these three things:

● You need documents to verify your personality (but there’s a way to buy bitcoins with a credit card, no verification).

● You must know your bank account details and be ready to share them with the crypto exchange or app you’ll use. 

● You’d better ensure a stable, safe, and secure Internet connection to protect yourself from fraud. 

The next thing you need to have for investment is a Bitcoin wallet. There are several kinds of wallets, among which software (wallet in an app) and hardware (physical device) are the most popular. The choice will depend on what you plan to do with BTC: buy, sell, store, exchange into USD, etc.

Let’s imagine that you made all aspects clear, and now you’re ready to buy BTC with a debit card. Here are the steps you should follow to achieve your purpose:

1. Choose a trustworthy exchange to buy BTC safely and anonymously. Treat this task responsibly because there won’t be a way back. Register an account: enter your email and password, verify the account, and enter your basic information. 

2. Buy BTC with a credit card. After you have verified your personality, start investing: choose the currency, enter the bank card data, submit your BTC wallet number and wait. 

3. Get your BTC to your wallet. If you choose a reliable exchange, all operations on it are completed instantly. So, you won’t have to wait too long to get your currency. 

We hope you see that there’s no need to spend much time or reveal your personal information to invest in BTC. If you want to buy bitcoin with a credit card but fail to find a reliable exchange, consider trying Switchere.com. It has high limits and lets you purchase many other currencies besides BTC. Who knows, maybe you’ll delve into investing and want to try working with ETH, XRP, BCH, or anything else. 

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