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What is the WHO Full From?

It is a specialized agency and is a part of the United Nations. It deals with matters related to global health and healthcare systems.

Do you know, What is the WHO Full Form?  WHO stands for World Health OrganizationWHO in Hindi is called Vishwa Swasthya Sangathan (विश्‍व स्‍वास्‍थ्‍य संगठन).

World Health Organization History (WHO Full Form) 

The WHO was founded on 7 April 1948. The WHO headquarters are located in Geneva, Switzerland. It is a member of the Development Group of the United Nations (UN).

On 22 July 1946, 61 countries came together to sign the constitution that would govern the WHO. Due to huge efforts by WHO, the eradication of smallpox took place.

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WHO was established mainly to deal with matters related to international health and the healthcare system. These include both communicable and non-communicable diseases, viral infections, etc.

The main aim of WHO is the betterment of the healthcare system of all the countries. This was something about WHO and its history in brief.

WHO website where a lot of information related to international health can be seen.

Some Important People & Heads of WHO 

This is the list of all the main people of the WHO:

Dr. Hiroki Nakatani – WHO Chairman

Tedros Adhanom – WHO Director-General

Dr. Zsuzsanna Jakab – WHO Deputy Director-General

Dr. Bernhard Schwartländer – Chef de Cabinet

Dr. Soumya Swaminathan – Chief Scientist

What is The Role of WHO or WHO Functions? 

WHO plays a vital role in maintaining and monitoring the healthcare systems of different countries across the globe. WHO is also important because it introduces laws, norms, and standards on which the healthcare systems would work.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1) What is the purpose of the World Health Organization?

The WHO works towards ensuring that all citizens of the world live a healthy life, with the necessary healthcare being provided to them whenever needed.

WHO wants to place health at the center of the global agenda. WHO also works towards engaging countries and strengthening the partnerships between them.

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Their goal is to make all the countries work together to make the global healthcare system better.

Q2) How reliable and credible is the World Health Organization?

The World Health Organization has been around for more than 70 years now. The only goal of the WHO is to make sure that health is brought to the center of the global agenda.

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The information provided by WHO is verified and trustworthy. It is one of the most accurate and reliable sources of information related to health. You can visit the WHO website to find all the necessary information there.

Q4) How can I work as a Doctor with the World Health Organization?

You can visit the WHO website and create an account. WHO has an employment portal where you will get all the details of current vacancies and the application processes.

Q5) Who owns the World Health Organization?

WHO is a part of the United Nations Economic and Social Council.

Q6) What are the responsibilities of the World Health Organization?

WHO provides leadership on critical matters and engage in partnerships wherever a joint action is needed.

The research in the health field to come up with new ideas and rules for the betterment of global health.

WHO set rules and norms, and monitor their implementation.

They monitor the health situation of the globe and come up with the solution to problems.

Q7) Who funds the World Health Organization?

Different countries and organizations make individual contributions towards the funds going in WHO’s name. The top contributor is the US.

Q8) Is Bill Gates the main investor of the World Health Organization?

Bill Gates, along with his wife Melinda, runs a non-profit organization that goes by the name “Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation”. This foundation does a lot of non-profit charity work and donates money for the betterment of society.

A large proportion of this donation goes towards WHO. So yes, Bill Gates is one of the investors of WHO, but he is not the main one.

Q9) Is the World Health Organization an NGO?

The World Health Organization in itself is not an NGO, but it works with numerous NGOs around the globe.


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