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Dan Morehead Net Worth: How he Made His Fortune?

Dan Morehead, who also serves as CEO, launched Pantera Capital. This San Francisco-based investment firm focuses on bitcoin and other digital currencies.

Morehead founded Pantera Capital in 2003 with the main objective of investing in global macro hedge funds. Pantera limited its focus to only bitcoin. When it established PanteraBitcoin Partners LLC in collaboration with Fortress Investment Group, Benchmark, and Ribbit Capital. While Pantera continues to oversee the fund, the other businesses are now minority equity partners.

Morehead oversaw macro trading while working as Tiger Management’s chief financial officer before starting Pantera. Morehead had held senior roles with Bankers Trust, Goldman Sachs, and Deutsche Bank in London. When Atriax, an electronic foreign exchange marketplace, went out of business in 2002, he served as its CEO.

He was quoted as saying in 2008 that “We are in the process of attempting to find out if the world is coming to an end (which we still doubt)” before the global financial collapse led Pantera Capital to discontinue operating as a hedge fund in early 2009.

Dan morehead net worth
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Morehead oversaw the funding for both businesses while also sitting on the boards of directors of BitPesa, a Nairobi-based startup for remittances, and Bitstamp, the fourth-largest bitcoin exchange as of May 2015.

After learning about Pantera Capital’s BitPesa investment, Morehead made the following comment:

It is usual to refer to the 5 billion people who reside in developing countries as being “unbanked,” which is akin to saying that they are “un-landline” because they have already given up their landlines in favor of mobile devices. In contrast to what is currently referred to as traditional banking, I think most consumers will prefer mobile payment choices.

Dan Morehead Education

He completed his B.S. in Civil Engineering from Princeton University, in 1987. He also received a prize for his amazing and outstanding thesis.

Dan Morehead Net Worth

A well-known leader in the bitcoin community is Dan Morehead. He founded Pantera Capital in 2013, the first investment company solely focused on cryptocurrencies. Since its inception, the fund has helped a number of Bitcoin billionaires by providing investors with an average return of more than 24,000%.

Morehead worked as a trader for Goldman Sachs for more than 25 years, giving him the necessary skills to back his career goals. Despite experiencing a 73% value decline in 2018, Pantera’s Digital Asset Fund is still recognized as one of the finest cryptocurrencies to purchase. Dan Morehead has a net worth of $200 million.

Dan Morehead Pantera Net Worth

CEO Dan Morehead, a former chief financial officer and director of macro trading at the hedge fund Tiger Management, founded Pantera Capital in 2003.

Pantera stated in March 2013 that it has changed its focus from mostly working with global macro hedge-fund investments to bitcoin and other digital currencies.

The business later introduced the nation’s first bitcoin investment instrument, PanteraBitcoin Fund. BitPesa, a company that offers bitcoin services, Bitstamp, an exchange, BitPagos Inc., 21 Inc., Ripio Credit Network, ChangeTip, Circle, and Xapo, are a few of the companies that Pantera has invested in. Pantera announced a collaboration with Fortress Investment Group, Benchmark, and Ribbit Capital in 2014 to form PanteraBitcoin Partners, a joint bitcoin investment fund managed by Pantera.

In October 2017, the pre-sale for Kik Interactive Inc. received $50 million each from Pantera Capital, Blockchain Capita, and Polychain Capital. In the same month, Pantera presold video streaming tokens for $500 million.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who owns Pantera Capital?

    Dan Morehead owns Pantera Capital.

  2. How much is Pantera Capital worth?

    500 Million Dollar

  3. Where is Pantera Located?

    Menlo Park, California

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