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How to Eat 2100 Calorie Meal Plan for Weight Loss: Effective and Healthy Guide

I am a fitness trainer and housemaker. Often, people come to me to lose weight. This vegan meal plan is the best way to lose weight if you do it properly. This article is based on my experience. If you have any health issues. I suggest consulting your doctor.

For many fitness freaks and bodybuilders, a 2100 calorie meal plan for weight loss is quite low for their suggested daily calorie intake. Although, when cutting, this diet plan could help them accomplish their goals. Continue reading to discover how a 2100-calorie meal plan could help you achieve your fitness goals.

The average man requires 2,700 kcal per day, while the average woman requires 2,200 kcal per day, according to the US government. Everyone does not need the exact number of calories per day. People & their metabolisms burn energy at varying rates, and some live.

More active lives than others. Americans consume about 3600 calories on average. The calorie intake has significantly increased in the last year, leading to The American obesity epidemic. To lose weight, one must always keep a calorie count.

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According to USDA statistics, restaurants, including full-service and fast-food establishments reported a 20% increase in consumption in America.

So to lose weight, you need to keep checking on calories. Obesity has become a very common and dangerous disease. In Obesity, self-diagnosis is usually possible as tests are not required.

There are certainly important elements that help reduce Obesity. Calories are a kind of energy measurement that is commonly used to determine the energy content of foods.

The calories you consume are used for important purposes such as thinking and daily activities such as walking, talking, and eating. The number of calories you need will differ depending on your gender, age, weight, and activity level.

Calorie counting

It is based on the principle of calories in, calories out; You must burn more calories than you consume to lose weight.

How do I count calories?

You could lose weight by eating fewer calories and exercising more.

Calorie counting is beneficial as it:

● Helps you to eat smaller portions

● Aids in weight loss as well as weight maintenance

You need to change your meal plan daily to lose some lbs. Here is a diet chart for a week. Nowadays, with everything at your fingertips, you can easily count calories using Apps.

Apps to count calories

● Cronometer

● No

● HealthifyMe

● MyFitnessPal

● Loseit

Body mass index (BMI)

BMI is a metric for determining nutritional status in adults. It is calculated using your height and weight. For calculating your BMI, split your weight in kilograms by your height in meters squared. 

A BMI lower than 18.5 indicates being underweight. Being overweight means having BMI between 25 to 29.9, and if your BMI is above 30, you are obese.

Why 2,100 calories are often considered standard?

However, nutritional requirements differ by individual; 2,000 calories are mainly considered the norm. This figure depends on the estimated nutritional requirements of most adults. It is used for meal planning methods per the 2020–2025 Dietary Guidelines. 

2100 calories meal plan for weight loss

In addition, it’s used as a benchmark to make suggestions on nutrition labels. 

All nutrition labels have a statement: “Percent Daily Values relies on a 2,000-calorie meal. Your daily requirement could be higher or lower depending on your calorie requirements.”

Due to these daily needs, you could compare, for instance, the quantity of sodium and saturated fat in a provided food to the maximum daily suggested levels.

Why do calorie needs vary?

Calories support your body with the energy it requires to sustain life. As everyone’s body and lifestyle are different, individuals possess different calorie requirements. 

Depending on the activity graph, it’s recommended that adult women need 1,600–2,400 calories per day, compared with 2,000–3,000 calories for adult men.

Although calorie requirements differ drastically, some people need more or fewer than 2,000 calories daily.

Simultaneously, people in their growing phase, like pregnant women and teenagers, often require more than 2,000 calories per day. When the amount of calories you ignite is higher than the number you eat, a calorie deficit occurs, resulting in weight loss.

Contrary, you could gain weight when you eat more calories than you burn. Weight maintenance happens when both figures are equal.

Hence, depending on your weight goals, motives, and activity graph, the appropriate dieting plan should be followed.

2100 calorie Diet plan for weight loss

Diet should be sustainable. You cannot follow a diet with low carbs for the long run, a high protein diet, or a keto diet for a long period as it hurts your body. Hence, it is better to follow a sustainable diet plan as well is easy to follow, will give you good results, and which is rich in nutrients, antioxidants, protein, fats, and carbs, so here is a 2100-calorie diet plan which is required by the body and helps create a deficit in regular calorie intake.

Diet plan for 2100 calories per day 


Breakfast– ⅓ cup oats, ¼ cup almonds + ¼ cup blueberries +2 egg whites

Lunch– 4 ounces of grilled chicken breast + salad

Dinner– 6 ounces of grilled chicken + salad +half sweet potato

snack– half cup berries


Breakfast– strawberry vanilla protein overnight soaked oats

Lunch– tofu salad with boiled egg

Dinner– sweet and sour chicken with rice

Snack – protein bar


Breakfast– 2 boiled eggs with Greek yogurt

Lunch-3 oz tuna + 1cup raw carrots

Dinner– 4 oz of grilled chicken + brown rice

Snack– low fat cottage cheese


Breakfast– 3 egg whites + 8 oz of milk-soaked almonds

Lunch– burrito bowl with low-fat dressings

Dinner– roasted tilapia baby potatoes

Snack– low fat yogurt with berries


Breakfast– 4dates + water + 4walnuts

Lunch– chicken fajitas + veggies

Dinner– pulled chicken + salad + low fat dressing

Snacks– protein bar /apple


Breakfast– 2 eggs whites + cheese cube

Lunch– taco salad + grilled chicken breast

Dinner– sauteed veggies

Snacks– a glass of almond milk


Breakfast– strawberry oatmeal

Lunch– pork chops and broccoli salad

Dinner– spaghetti and meatballs

Snacks– chocolate shakeology

Foods one should avoid aiding weight loss

1. Sugary food– beverages, candies, ice creams, and other sweet stuff should be avoided.

2. Processed food– ready-to-eat foods which packed way before you eat have.

preservatives that are unhealthy for the body, e.g., McCain, frozen foods, ketchup, etc.

3. Caffeine– Tea and coffee should be taken in limited quantities, as they affect the overall health of the person.

4. Saturated fats– Red meat, bakery stuff, and ice creams have saturated fat.

5. Sodium– more salt leads to water retention, so it’s better to have it in a limited manner.

6. Bakery stuff– pastries, croissants, and cupcakes make look and taste delicious but have a very negative impact on health.

7. Fried food– you can eat boiled but not fried food these days you get air fried.

Macronutrients on 2100 calorie high protein meal plan 

Macronutrients have three components, mainly protein, carbohydrate, and fats. They are extremely important and counting them will help you to get aware of the meal you take.

Every person or macronutrient differs from others because of every person’s metabolic rate; BMR is different. Macros differ from person to person, as well as gender. 

Important Nutrients are as follows, and they play an important role in achieving your desired figure.


Protein in your daily diet helps build muscles, makes you full for a longer

time, and causes weight loss. A 2100-calorie meal plan with high protein plays a very important part in staying fit. Whey protein is recommended for fat loss as it supplements lean muscle throughout the body, which burns calories faster than the body.

 A list of the high protein foods are,

Salmon fish– It contains high-quality protein. 20gm protein is there in 100gm fish. It is the best and the rich source of protein available.

Lentils– Lentils contain dietary fiber; hence it is considered less than a chicken. 9gm of protein is present in boiled lentils in a 100gm quantity.

Peanut butter– 25gm of protein is there in 100gm quantity. It contains protein which is helpful for athletes for muscle repair.

Tuna– protein content is 28gms in 100gm.

Eggs– Egg whites are high in protein, keeping you full for a longer period, rich in vitamins, and contain healthy fats. Eating eggs may help with weight loss, primarily if incorporated into a calorie-controlled diet.

Greek yogurt– Greek yogurt is a great food for weight loss because it is high in protein while low in fat, carbs, calories, and sugar.

Quinoa– It is an insoluble dietary fibre; it keeps you fuller for a longer time.


A low carbohydrate diet aids weight loss. As Resistant Starch passes through your digestive tract, it produces fatty acids that promote fat burning, particularly in your stomach. These fatty acids help maintain muscle mass, increasing metabolism and allowing you to lose weight quickly. Whole grains, which are high in carbohydrates, may aid in the reduction of both total body fat and stubborn belly fat.

Oats– It is the powerhouse of complex carbs and easy to prepare.

Roasted chickpeas– it is a good source of protein as well as fibre.

Quinoa– a cup of quinoa has 39grams it has good carbs.

Sweet potato– It has high dietary fiber. As high fibre content makes you feel for a longer time.

Whole grain bread– brown bread-It has more protein compared to white bread. It has complex carbs, which are important for the growth of the muscles.

Maple water– It has higher calories and also higher carbs.

Barely– It has beta-glucan, and it is fiber-rich. It has high dietary fiber, which improves digestion and weight loss.

Olive oil– It has a high amount of monounsaturated fatty acid. It keeps insulin in check and keeps a healthy heart.

Coconut oil– It does not have saturated fats. it increases metabolism and energy.

Fresh fruits– They are high in fiber and low in calories as high-fiber food makes the digestion process slower and keeps hunger pangs at bay. Fruits are rich in antioxidants. It boosts metabolism; they have good fats that help keep you feeling full.


Some people believe fats make you unhealthy, but fats are equally significant for weight loss. Fats play an important role in health benefits such as weight loss and a lower risk of heart disease and diabetes. They are mostly unsaturated fats, such as monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats. Monounsaturated fats, also known as MUFA, are omega-9 fats.

Nuts– some of the dried fruit contain good unsaturated fats which stimulate weight loss

Oils– Some oils breakdown body fat and improves metabolism

Butter– monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids in very healthy

peanut butter.

Milk-It is very healthy for improving bone density and calcium in the body.

Cottage cheese– It helps to lose weight because it has a high content of protein and it is low in calorie.

Flax seeds– They are small in size but play a very important part in the diet as they are rich in omega 3 fatty acid lignans and dietary fibres.

Omega 3 fatty acid– It is highly found in salmon fish. It burns belly fat by riveting receptors in the digestive tract.

Avocado– They are high in calories but contain monounsaturated fat, which helps reduce and shrink belly fat.

Dark Chocolate -They improve mood, regulate insulin, reduce hunger pangs and appetite.

Chia seeds– This is different from basil seeds. It has omega-3 fatty acids and is high in iron concentration which is helpful for weight loss and improving metabolic rate.

AMDRs (acceptable macronutrient distribution ranges) are 45–65 percent carbs, 20–35 percent fats, and 10–35 percent protein.

How to eat 2100 calories a day?

Controlling calories is important, but you need to improve food quality to lose weight. Food that is high in nutrients, antioxidants, dietary fibre, complex carbs, and healthy fats should be taken.

The calories of chicken breast and croissant are the same but macros are different, so you need to be careful while choosing food. Shedding weight is all about making the right choice.

The choice which helps to achieve your goal easily as well is sustainable. Diet plans should be budget-friendly. You cannot lose weight just by doing a diet for a month; you should follow a diet plan in which you can make a lifestyle. Weight loss does not happen overnight.

This process requires strength and determination to avoid junk and focus on quality food.

Lastly, Foods to include in diets

Eggs– It is the powerhouse of nutrients. The best way to have it is scrambled egg or hard-boiled. Organic eggs are more nutritious and rich in proteins.

Plant-based food– protein powders, lentils, nuts, quinoa, beans, seeds, sprouted.

Whole grains– wheat berries, rice, millet, barley, oatmeal.

Dairy– cottage cheese, butter.

Tips and tricks to burn more calories on 2100 calorie meal plan

Water– Water intake should be around 3 to 4 litres per day as it helps flush out toxins from the body. It helps to burn more calories. Thus helping you lose more lbs.

Raw fruit– Raw fruits or veggies will benefit you more than cooked or processed ones. You should have fresh fruits, not those packed in the tin or sugary syrup. Like if you want to have Pineapple, then have a fresh one, not the one packed in a tin or diced, as it has artificial preservatives which are extremely harmful to the body.

Physical activity– Engaging yourself in at least one physical activity will make you more active, help you lose more, and improve the overall health of your body. You include walking, jogging and swimming. Walking regularly for at least 2 to 3km will help you burn calories and make you fit; it is free of cost.

Detox water– Make detox water of your choice as it will help flush out toxins and improve your gut. You can add the flavour of your choice, making it tasty. It will help in reducing bloating and makes your skin glow.

2100 Calorie Meal Plan Weight Loss

In a step, yes. You would use the 2100-calorie meal plan as a weight-loss strategy. Although, this only works for somebody who previously had more than 2100 calories a day. Primarily, men and women need about 2500 and 2000 calories a day to balance their weight. You must note that this number depends on age, lifestyle, and graph of physical activity.

In light of this, consuming 2100 calories a day will lead to many men (and some women) on a caloric deficit causing weight loss. If your energy consumption for the day is mainly below 2100, then this diet plan will lead to weight gain.

Exercises to perform on a 2100 Calorie Meal Plan

When on a 2100 diet, it is vital to ensure that your workouts meet your targets. You should do exercises that aid you lose fat while balancing your muscle mass.


Cardio is significant not only for weight loss but also for your cardiovascular health. Cardio exercises like skipping rope, swimming, cycling, and running could be done for about 30 to 60 minutes a day without harming your gains.

 It is great to do High-Intensity Intensive training cardio exercises as they provide better results in a short duration of time.

Lifting Weights

Weight lifting is vital in weight and fat loss as it enhances your basal metabolic rate. This is the speed at which your body burns calories while at rest. When you perform cardio, your body does burn calories rapidly during the exercise. Still, this speed falls once you are done. 

On the other hand, strength training makes your metabolic rate high for a long time after leaving the gym.

Some hacks to weight lifting while trying to get lean contain:

1. Do more compound exercises– People work out more muscle groups in a single move, thus burning high calories and forming stronger muscles. Great instances of such exercises comprise barbell deadlifts, squats, dumbbell bench press, dumbbell walking lunges, kettlebell squats press, and pullups.

2. Keep your heart rate up– This is best accomplished when taking short breaks during your workouts. Instead of having a 2-minute break between sets, decrease this time to 30 to 45 seconds. This aids in burning more calories.

3. Focus on the larger muscle groups– The larger the muscle, the higher calories are required to work and sustain it. For an efficient diet and workout, practice exercising the muscles in the legs, abdominals, back, and chest.

4. Sleep more– Improper sleep results in increased cortisol levels in your body. This hormone makes it tougher for you to lose weight and fat. You must try having 7 to 9 hours of uninterrupted sleep each night.

5. Avoid overtraining– You still require rest days even while dieting as they prevent overtraining. Every week, you should rest for at least one or two days. 

Who should eat a 2100 Calorie Meal Plan?

This 2100 diet plan is best for male bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts on a cutting stage of their fitness journey. This diet is best eaten for 8 to 12 weeks, depending on how thin you are or how much fat you want to lose.

For women, the 2100 calories of weight loss might be a bit high. Although, moderately active women aged 19 to 30 could safely eat this diet. It can also be taken by a few women engaging in bodybuilding competitions.

Can a 2100-calorie diet aid weight loss?

Following a 2100-calorie diet could help some people lose weight. Its efficiency for this purpose relies on your age, gender, height, weight, activity level, and weight loss motives.

It’s significant to note that weight loss is much more complex than decreasing your calorie intake. Other parameters affecting weight loss include your environment, socio-economic factors, and gut bacteria.

It is said, calorie limitation is one of the main motives for obesity prevention and management.

For instance, if you decrease your daily calorie consumption from 2,500 to 2,000, you must lose 1 pound (0.45 kg) in 1 week, as 3,500 calories (500 calories saved over 7 days) is the exact number of calories in 1 pound of body fat.

On the other hand, a 2100-calorie diet could exceed the calorie requirements of some people, leading to weight gain.


A 2100-calorie meal plan could be best for one who is focusing on going on a cutting diet. This diet plan gives you a caloric deficit that results in fat loss and a leaner physique when mixed with strength training.

Remember that this meal plan is designed for highly active people who consume more than 2100 calories daily. Although, if you are overweight or obese and eat more than 2600 calories a day, the 2100-calorie meal plan could provide some weight-loss advantages. You should consult a doctor and dietitian before trying or starting this diet.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can you lose weight on 2100 calories?

    Yes, one can lose weight on 2100 calories.

  2. What do I eat in a day with 2100 calories?

    The list of food to be eaten on 2100 calories are:
    ● Dark Leafy Greens
    ● Legumes
    ● Oily Fish
    ● Eggs, Lean cuts of Beef, and Poultry
    ● Nuts And Seeds
    ● Tofu And Tempeh
    ● Whole Grains, Bread and Pasta

  3. How do you divide 2100 calories a day?

    One can divide the 2100 calories a day in the following way;
    Calories: 301 gm
    Fat: 9 gm
    Proteins: 4.5 gm
    Carbs: 48 gm
    Total Calories: 2097 gm

  4. 2100 calories provide how many grams of carbohydrate?

    Two thousand one hundred calories provide two hundred sixty-eight grams of carbohydrate.

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